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Dwelling A Limits
An increase to Coverage A is often the cause of rate increases to homeowner’s policies.

ARS Screens/Fields to check
• Coverage Summary- Coverage A
• Coverages/Prem- Construction Price Index
• Multi-purpose- ITV inspection
Driver Discounts
Common Driver Discounts
• Good Student
• Defensive Driver
• Driver Improvement

• Current State Reference
• ARS- Driver
Territories are geographic rating areas. When MetLife files rate revisions, it can affect different territories in the state differently.

ARS Screens/Fields to check:
Home- Coverage Summary
Auto- Coverages/Prem
Protection Class
Protection Class indicates the level of protection available to the home from the local fire department. A lower protection class indicates better fire protection. A higher protection class indicates less protection.
Home Discounts
Common Home Discounts:
• Deadbolt locks
• Fire Extinguisher
• Smoke Detectors
• Central Fire and Burglar alarms
• Sprinkler Systems (Internal)
Construction Price Index
A Construction Price Index measures the change in the level of construction prices.

• It is state specific
• MetLife uses this to calculate inflation protection increases to Coverage A
Replacement Cost Method
Replacement Cost Method- Indicates which replacement cost method was used to calculate the Coverage A amount. TCE is the only current method in use. Older policies may show a different method.
PFM is an internal measurement criteria based on credit characteristics. It’s impact on rates in Auto and Home policies is typically based on affecting the customer’s tier.
Tier is a rating factor based on many customer characteristics. Tiers can change based on many factors.

• See Tiering Info screen in ARS
Multi Purpose Screen
The Multi Purpose screen shows if we have requested an ITV (Insurance To Value) appraisal of the insured home.

• Could cause increase in Coverage A
• See Multi-Purpose Screen in ARS
Vehicle Territory
Vehicle Territory- The rating territory based on the insured address. If a vehicle territory changes, it is because the insured moved, or new territories were assigned in a state.

ARS screens to check:
• Coverages/Prem
• Current State Reference
A rating factor applied to collision and comprehensive that is based on the cost to repair or replace an automobile.
Incidents are accidents or moving violations that may or may not affect the policy rates.
Auto Policy Discounts
Common Auto policy discounts:
• MetRewards
• Payroll or ExpressIt Discount

ARS screens to check:
• Disc/Surcharge
MetRewards is a discount program to reward safe driving and loss-free customers. It is often removed due to a loss or accident.

• Current State Reference
• ARS- General
Auto/Life Discount
Auto/Life discount is a discount for having multiple policies with MetLife. See state specifics for guidelines.

ARS screens to check:
• General
Vehicle Discounts
Vehicle Discounts:
• Anti-theft device
• Passive Restraints
• Anti-lock brakes
• Vehicle Protective Enclosure (garage)
VRG is a rating factor for vehicles that is applied to Liability. It is based on loss characteristics for a particular make, model and body style.

Example: Ford, Mustang, Convertible
Policy Rate Set
Policy Rate Set- Every time MetLife revises rates in a state, we assign a new rate set. If this number changes on a renewal, MetLife has filed a statewide rate revision.
• Current State Reference
• ARS- Coverages/Prem
Common Rate Increase Reasons- Auto
Policy Changes- Check Coverage Summary

Rate Revisions- Check Coverages/Prem- Rate Set

Surcharges- Check Notes- Check Claims and Violations
Common Rate Increase Reasons- Home
Increase Coverage A- Check Construction Price index

Rate Revisions- Check Knowledge

Change Protection Class- Check Protection Class