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17, 000 american and french troops trap charles cornwallis's 8,000 british and hessian troops at yorktown
september 1781
georage washington says farewell to his troops at fraunces tavern in manhattan
december 1783
after learning that admiral francois de grasse is heading toward chesapeake bay, washington secretly leads his troops south to yorktown
august 1781
ben franklin, john adams, and john jay represent the united states as peace talks begin in paris
april 1782
realizing the hopelessness of the situation, cornwallis surrenders
october 19, 1781
washington camps north of new york city waiting for a second fleet of french ships to arrive
autumn 1780
the battle of yorktown begins as the americans and french bombard british troops
october 11, 1781
the final treaty of paris is signed, defining the borders of the united states and giving americans the right to fish off the coast of canada
september 1783