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1. People in a (community) needs rules and laws to live peaceful lives.
2. A government is a (combination) of laws and (custom)
3. Government grew in size and power when life became more (complicated)
4. The Colonist (considered) the rights of the people when they made rules and laws
5. Many (political) ideas used by the colonists had their roots in (ancient) governments
section 1
1. It representative from government was known as a republic (rome)
2. The ruling body was called an Assembly (Greece)
3. All free man took turns holding office (Greece)
4. The citizens elected people to represent them (Rome)
5. The city states of this country were always at war (Greece)
Section 3
1. The petition was developed by the nobles, town leaders and church officials.
2. they wanted to stop King John from making the people pay such high tax
3. the Kings had to ask for advice from the nobles on important matters such as raising taxes putting people in prison without being judge.
4. the people could not be taxed without being represented in the government
5. the Magna Cart is important because it was the first time the rights of the common person were recognized by law.
section 4.
2. At the first Continental Congress the colonists (a) decided to take action against England)
3.The Colonists sent England a list of the rights they demanded and said that they (a) (would not pay British goods)
4. The group that ran the government of the country during the war between the colonist and the English was the (b) (second continental congress)
5. The Declaration of Independents (a) listed the grievances the colonists had against the king