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The Second awakening began as a reaction to what?
Rationalism and humanism
Who backed the movement?
Romantics, intellectuals, transcendentalists
Where did the Second Awakening originate?
the west
Where did the Second Awakening eventually spread?
North East
Who spread the movement that is often cited with it?
Charles Finney
What religions flourished during this movement?
Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians
Who started the mormons?
Joseph Smith
When and where were the mormons started?
the late 1820's in upstate New York
Why was the mormon religion viewed as unconventional?
polygamy and cooperative communities
After Jospeh Smith's murder who led the mormons west to Utah?
Brigham Young
In what year did Brigham Young lead the mormons to Utah?
Who founded the Onedia community?
John Humphrey Noyes
Where was Oneida located?
Vermont to Oneida, Newyork
What utopian community survived by the selling of steel traps and silverware?
What Utopian community practiced "free love" marriages?
Quaker offshoot founded in the 1830's
Who founded the shakers?
Mother Ann Lee
Survived by selling small crafts and furniture
Practiced celibacy
Who founded the New Harmony community in 1825?
Robert Owens
Practiced cooperative labor and ownership goal to eliminate poverty
New Harmony Community
Utopian community founded by famous literary writers Ralpa Waldo Emerson and Nathanial Hawthorne
Brook Farm Community
Who founded the Brook Farm Community?
Ralpha Waldo Emerson and Nathaniel Hawthorne
Who was a big education promoter in the 1830's
Horace Mann
What are three reasons for support of public schools?
1. Edudate the masses and eliminate illiteracy
2. Build competent work force
3. Promoted ethical behavior
Who is generally cited with the transcendentalists?
Henry David Thoreau
Who believed in self-reliance and civil disobediance?
Artists paintings of western landscapes of the state New York
Hudson River School of Art
What famous portrait paint did the painting of George Washington?
Gilbert Stuart
Author who wrote about horrors of the imagination?
Washington Irving
Who wrote "The Last of the Mohicans"?
James Fenimore Cooper
Who wrote "Moby Dick"?
Herman Melville
Who wrote "The Raven"?
Edgar Allen Poe
Who wrote "The Scarlet Letter"?
Nathaniel Hawthorne