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What temperature does clear ice form?
0ºC - -10ºC,
and even as cold as -25ºC
What temperature does rime ice form?
Primarily -8ºC - -20ºC,
although it has been observed between -2ºC and -28ºC
What are the two basic conditions for icing to form on an airframe?
1) Aircraft surface temperature must be colder than 0ºC
2) Supercooled water droplets must be present
What are the three types of ice accumulation on an aircraft?
rime ice, clear ice, and frost
What are the four types of turbulence?
1) Thermal or convective
2) Mechanical mixing
3) Frontal
4) Wind shear/flow over mountains
What is the vertical wind shear criteria for Light Turbulence?
3-5kts / 1000FT
What is the vertical wind shear criteria for Moderate Turbulence?
6-9kts / 1000FT
What is the vertical wind shear criteria for Severe Turbulence?
10kts or greater per 1000FT
What is the criteria for Mountain Wave CAT?
1) Winds 25knots or more normal to the mountain barriers
2) Presence of Significant surface pressure differences across such barriers
What is the criteria for Shear Wave CAT?
1) Wind speeds of 60kts or more
2) Horizontal shear of 25kts in 90nm
3) Vertical sheat above 15kts per 1,000ft