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What is agronomy?
The study of the principles of crop production.
What percent of the United States population is involved in food production?
Around 2% (1-3%)
What percent of the Third World population is involved in food production?
75 to 80%
What percentage of their income do consumers in the US spind on food?
16 to 17%
What percentage of their income do Third World consumers spind on food?
60 to 90%
What is the main reason that United States agriculture requires so little hand labor when compared to other countries, especially third world?
Mechanization-the use of machinery.
What is biomass?
The total amount of material a plant produces.
What are three ways in which biomass can be used for fuel?
They can be burned directly or converted to liquid or gaseous fuels.
What other valuable product is produced when alcohol is distilled from corn or other grain?
Distillers Grain
What are distiller grains used for?
Livestock Feed
Why is it necessary to continue increasing the world's food supply?
The world's demand for food will continue to increase as the population of the world increases.
What is the ultimate source of the various kinds of energy (except atomic energy) that we use on this earth?
What are the three functions of roots and what are the two basic types of roots?
They provide a firm anchor for the plants and take in water and nutrients, store food.

2 types are fibrous and tap roots.
What is the function of stowmates?
They regulate the flow of air and water vapor in and out of leaves.
What is a monoecious plant?
The male flower and the female flower parts are in different locations on the same plant.