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Each day in the United States more than ________ children age 5 and under who eat a normal diet ingest doses of organic phosphate pesticides that exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s adult reference doses, according to a recent analysis of USDA and FDA data.
1 million
Nearly _______ accidental pesticide exposures are reported to poison control centers each year
Twenty million American children age 5 and under eat an average of _____ pesticides a day
The third most heavily used herbicide in the U. S., _________ has not been fully tested for chronic health effects since it is not allowed for use on foods.
MCPP is commonly found in ?
weed and feed products
Pesticides are composed of what two kinds of ingridents?
active and inert(lifeless)
How many of the 750 registered pesticides have been tested for their effects on the developing nervous system?
Which can be more toxic inert or active ingreidiants?
• Increased odds of _______ (three things)__________ have been associated with children living in households where pesticides are used
childhood leukemia, brain cancer and soft tissue sarcoma
The average apple has ____ pesticides on it after it has been washed and cored. An apple can have as many as ___
There are now more than ______ types of pesticides on the market in Canada
Since 1996 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has targeted a large group of older, riskier pesticides called _______________ for review because they pose a potential risk to children.
The U.S. Geological Survey found that ______ percent of all fish analyzed in major rivers and streams contained residues of one or more pesticides at detectable levels.
This is used as a pesticide and fumigant for grains and fruit, a solvent for resins, gums and waxes, In water-proofing preparations, In anti-knock gasoline mixtures, in dye making
When was lead arsenate first used?
what is a pesticide defined as?
any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling or lessening the damage of any pest.
what is the cause of many problems with pesticides?
many problems are caused by uninformed consumers who refuse to read labels and follow precautions.
Are pesticides and herbicides harmful to humans?
yes herbicides and pesticides are harmful to humans if eaten or breathed, the illness is usually more severe in small children and animals.
what is a term that refers to kill unwanted plants?
herbicides are used to kill unwanted plants.
why were herbicides and pesticides created?
to help us manage pests such as harmful insects, rodents, and weeds.
Define Pesticde?
Any Method or chemical used to reduce insects or pest.
How many people in 1950 could a farmer feed compaired to a farmer today.

What was DDT and when was it used?
DDT was a Herbicide used in the 1950's and 60's.
What is crop yeild?
It is the average amount at which a crop is harvested.
What are some methods of organic farming?
slash and burn, 2 yr turn over, intergrated pest managment
What is a carcinogen?
A cancer causing substance.
What side affects in the 1960's where people experiancing?
Birth defect, loss of vision, cancer
What is the Ames-Gold scale?
A scale used to measure the amount of cancer causing materials in a substance.
What does MCPP stand for?
how may chemicals can legally be conceiled in pesticides?
what are some alternatives to using herbicides and pesticides?
Nontoxic/ chemical free lawn care

farmers- crop rotation, snd companion planting.
How many pesticides and herbicides are used each year in the United States alone?
888 million pounds
About what percent of herbicides and pesticides is used by everyday american on theie home lawn and gardens?
about 10%
What are some problems caused by herbicides and pesticides?
heart congestion, lung and kidney damage, low blood pressure, muscle damage, and weight loss.
Does the government test pesticides for safety before they are sold?
The EPA(enviormental protection agency) does not test pesticides for safety. they use the test results from the manufacturers(that are sometimes altered to help the manufacturer).
who wrote the book silent spring?
Rachael Carson
how did the team select this topic?
several reports on BT corn have increaset intrest in this area.
a hectare equals how many acres
the ames-gold scale is used for
determine level of chemicals are harmful to humans.
What percent of chemicals that humans ingest are natural?
A syudy by Texas A&M University indicates that_________ would decline drastically if we substituted the currently available organic pest controls for _______________.
us field crop yields, synthetic pesticides
what is IPM?
integrated pest managment which is a non- chemical means of reducing and preventing pests.
what benefits does IPM have?
better energy efficiancy, better indoor air quality and cost savings.
what are some examples of pesticides?
flea collars, ant traps, insect sprays, pressure treated lumber, and garden fertilizers.
what does a pesticide contain that enhances the effect of the product?
one or more active ingiedients and any number of inert ingiedients.
there are _________ pesticide products on the market today containing _______ registered active ingriedients.
20700, 890
if a pesticide is registered does it mean it is safe?
if a pesticide is registered does not mean that it is safe
why are children more sensitive to pesticides?
because there bodies are not fully formed yet
why are women at a greater risk of accumulating persistent organic pollutants?
because women have a higher amount of fat on there bodies