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Bear Arms
Amendment II. Own/ Possess weapons
Quarter Troops
III. House soldiers in private homes
Search Warrant
IV. A written document signed by a judge authorizing search of a speciic lace or arrest of an individual for a crime.
Probable Clause
Police must have a reasonable basis to believe the person or premises is linked to a crime
Due Process of Law
VII, V, VIII, VI, IV. The government must follow proper constitutional procedures in trials and in other actions it takes against individuals.
Eminent Domain
The power of the government to take private property needed for public use (Such as road, school, park etc..) The government must pay a fair price which protects the individual.
Double Jeopardy
V. tried twice for the same crime after an acquital (found not guilty)
Self- Incrimination
testify agianst oneself. V
Just compensation
V. fair payment
Chang eof Venue
a new trial location to assure fairness. VI
Redress of Grievance
To ask the government (petition the govenrment0 to correct a wrong.
Civil Law
this law concerns disputes among individuals (lawsuits) or between individuals and thee government
Criminal Law
law that defines crime; the government charges someone with a crime and prosecutes that person
Property Law
a type of civil law that deals with the use and ownership of property
Real property
land and anything attached or growing on it
Personal Property
includes movable things like clothes, jewelry, and also stocks, bonds etc.
a person who brings a case against another in a court of law
an individual, company, or institiution sued or accused in a court of law
intervene between people in a dispute in order to bring about an agreement or reconciliation
the use of an arbitrator( a person who is officially appointed to settle a dispute) to settle a dispute
Grand Jury
Group that hears charges against a suspect and decides whether there is sufficient evidence to bring the person to trial
Preliminary Hearing
Where the prosecuation presents its case to a judge
Law. a formal charge or accuasation of a serioius crime
a person who presides over a jury and speaks on its behalf