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What species is the rabbit?
Oryctolagus cuniculus
What is the normal TPR of the rabbit?
T > 101.3-104
P > 180-250
R > 30-60
What is unique about rabbits incisors?
have peg teeth - one pair behind the first pair
Both the right and left AV valves of the rabbit are?
Cecotrophs are?
night feces
The cecotrophs contain?
B vitamins
Why is the rabbit urine cloudy and creamy looking?
crystals are common
>calcium cabonate & triple phosphate
>dietary porphyrins
The rabbits lifespan?
5-6 years
When are rabbits sexually mature?
5 months
What is the gestation of a rabbit?
29-35 days
Why do rabbits have induced ovulation?
no estrus cycle
When do rabbit kits eyes open?
8-10 days
What should the temperature and humidity of a rabbits environment be?
Temp - 62-70
Humidity - 30-70
What is the normal food intake of a rabbit?
What is the normal water intake of a rabbit?
Why do you not use atropine in rabbits?
atropine esterase
What infectious disease is common in rabbits?
>pasteurella multocida
What is Trichobezoars?
hairballs from excess grooming