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What is the scientific name for guinea pig?
Cava porcellius
What is the TPR of guinea pigs?
T > 99-103
P > 230-320
R > 42-104
What is the normal weight of guinea pigs?
700-1200g (approx 1kg)
How many digits are on the guinea pigs front feet? Rear feet?
front > 4 digits
rear > 3 digits
What is the lifespan of guinea pigs?
5 years
What is the teeth anatomy of guinea pigs?
I - 1
PM - 1
M - 3
Why are guinea pigs hard to intubate?
Palatal ostium
> opening in soft palate
When are guinea pigs sexually mature?
Sow - female > 2-3mo
Boar - male > 3-4mo
The pelvic symphasis of guinea pigs closes when?
at 6 months
**must breed before than**
What is the gestation of the guinea pig?
68 days
Guinea pig pups are ______ when born?
>self sufficient
What should the temperature and humidity of the guinea pig environment be?
temp > 65-79
humidity > 40-60%
What is the water consumption of guinea pigs?
What is the amount of food guinea pigs should get?
What vitamin do guinea pigs require?
Vitamin C
What disease can guinea pigs get from rats and rabbits?
Bordatella brochiseptica
What nutritional disease do guinea pigs get?
What are the signs of scruvy?
swollen, painful joint
bleeding gums