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Which suture material is larger, 2-0 or #1?
Which suture material is smaller, 5-0 or 2-0?
What is the list of most flexible to least flexible suture material?
silk > braided polyesters > nylon & surgical gut > stainless steel
What is the gold standard of suture material?
Which type of suture material is the smoothiest and is made out of one filament?
Which type of suture material is used commonly on the interior and has more drag than monofilament?
Which type of suture material is smooth with less capillarity?
Coated Braided
What is the process by which fluid and bacteria are carried into the interstices of multifilament fibers?
What type of suture material are capillary?
all braided material
Where should you never used capillary suture material?
contaminated or infected sites
What is fistulous tract?
bacteria that enters b/t suture material and tissue
Which suture material can withstand 3 autoclavings?
Which suture material is absorbable?
>Surgical gut
>Polyglycolic Acid (PGA)
>Polyglactin 910
>Polydioxanone (PDS)
Surgical gut is absorbed by ________ in _____ days.
What is an example of polyglycolic acid (PGA)?
PGA is absorbed by ______ and stronger than gut for at least _____ days.
What is an example of polyglactin 910?
Vicryl retains ____% of tensile strength at _____ days and _____% at _____days?
75% - 14
50% - 21
What are the advantages of Vicryl?
easy to handle
minimal tissue reaction
good knot security
What type of material is Vicryl?
synthetic braided
What type of material is PGA?
fine filaments and braided
PDS is what type of suture material?
synthetic monofilament
When is PDS absorption complete?
180 days
What is PDS advantages?
good for slow healing tissue
What are the non-absorbable suture materials?
>stainless steel
>polymerized caprolactum
What type of material is silk made from?
braided or twisted