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expansion of the desert due to overgrazing, lack of rain, etc.
Largest desert in the world
Sahara, North Africa
What religion is most of North Africa?
What famous historical, ancient structures are in Egypt?
Pyramids at Giza
Zambezi River
Fast rushing water, rapids, waterfalls, can be used for hydroelectric power
What was built on the Nile River to prevent flooding?
Aswan High Dam
Positive effects of the Aswan High Dam
prevent flooding, irrigation, Lake Nasser was formed, fishing and recreation options in the Lake
Negative effects of the Aswan High Dam
prevent flooding, use of fertilizers, pollutions, loss of delta, loss of fishing industry in Med. Sea, relocation of people, homes, ancient sites, etc.
area in North Africa between the Sahara Desert and Savanna where the desert is expanding and being overgrazed
Mountain range in Northern Africa
Atlas Mts.
dry stream or river bed
a natural spring or water source in the desert
where a river empties into a larger body of water
where silt is deposited
The longest river in the world
Nile River
Lake Victoria
source of the Nile River
Lake in East Africa
Suez Canal
canal built in Egypt by the British to shorten the trade/travel time to Asia
city that serves as a center of culture and trade in Egypt
African countries with high GDP's
South Africa, Gabon, Botswana
African countries wiht large land sizes
Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Chad, Mozambique, Madagascar
African countries with large populations
Nigeria, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Kenya
Alluvial soils
soil deposited by a stream or river
Netgative effects of the Aswan High Dam
flooding of ancient sites, homes, relocation of people, no flooding - less fertile soils, pollution, use fertilizers, delta shrinking, erosion
Positive effects of the Aswan High Dam
prevent flooding, irrigation, Lake Nasser - fishing, irrigation, recreation, hydroelectric power
A large percentage of the population is engaged in _____________.
agriculture, farming or primary industries
steep slope capped by a nearly flat plateau
How does the equator affect Africa?
similar climate patterns north and south of the equator, warm
Why is Africa's trade limited? (physically)
smooth coastlines, few harbors
3 deserts of Africa
Sahara, Kalahari, Namib
Subsistence Agriculture
farming to provide for your family only
Suez Canal
built by the British in Egypt to make trade & travel easier to Asia
African cities of culture and trade
Lagos, Dakar, Johanesburg, Cairo
African historical empires
Mali, Ghana, Zimbabwe
Cash Crops
crops sold for profit (cash)
ex. tobacco, cotton, sugar, cacao
Indicators of Developing nations/countries
low GDP, low life expectancy, high population growth rate, high infant mortality, low literacy rates, large percentage of population is under 15
African culture
mask, sculpture, dance, music, colorful dress, jewelry
poor in most of Africa, system of roads, bridges, harbors, etc.
African Unity - WAS the OAU where african nations worked together to solve their own problems
country completely surrounded by land no direct access to water
ex. Niger, Chad, Central African Republic, Uganda, Zambia, Lesotho etc.
Slash and Burn Agriculture
land is cleared for farming by cutting and burning vegetation
Oral tradition
knowledge of history passed on orally through generations, not written down
The Great Rift Valley
in East Africa, East & West rift
created escarpments from plate movements
Nile River
The world's longest river starting in Lake Victoria, 4000 + miles long
Main language of North Africa