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Demand for self rule, strong feeling of loyalty to a country
Civil War
Conflict between 2 or more groups withing a country
Control by one country over another country's government, trade, and cluture
Pan-African Movement
World-wide movement that wanted cultural unity and equality for everyone with AFrican heritage
Disease spread by mosquitoes; Treatment made it possible for Europeans to live in tropical regiouns of Africa.
Freedom from the control, influence, suppport, or help of others
South African policy of separation of races
Name Africa's natural resources that European nations wanted:
Gold, Ivory, Rubber
What replaced wind as a source of power for ships in the 1880's?
Why were coastal ports in Africa important?
So ships could stop and resupply with coal which powered steam ships.
Name 2 transportation improvements made in Africa during imperialism.
Roads and Railroads
Artificial political boundaries caused what to happen in Africa?
Conflict and ultimately contributed to civil wars.
What are some reasons Europeans shared their medical advances with Africans?
Prevent spread of disease and to keep Africans healthy and working.
Name 3 European nations that Africans were trying to gain independence from.
Great Britian, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal or Italy
Aftrican nationalism really began to grow during and after what World War?
Africans (many who fought for European nations) had an issue with European nations because ____________.
Europeans were "inconsistent"
How did Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya all win their independence from Britian?
Peascefully, through protests and boycotts.
Name 2 negative effects or costs of African Indpendence.
-inexperienced leaders
-military dictatorships,
-overuse of land
In what African county was apartheid created?
South Africa
During Apartheid, South African government divided perople into what 3 racial groups?
Whites, Mixed, and Blacks
Artificial Political Boundaries
Europeans partitioning of AFrica by drawing or creating new boundaries.
There were four racial classifications established under apartheid in South Aftrica. What was the impact of these classifications?
Blacks were the majorit of the population and suffered the most.
Pan-Africanism was an important idea that led to the development of which organization?
African Union
Who was the former leader of the ANC and wrongfully imprisoned for 27 years for being an anti-apartheid activist?
Nelson Mandela
Nationalism is when a coutry:
Issustrates an extreme sense of pride.
Laws created to enforce the segregation of perople by race in South Africa were called:
South Africans formed the AFrican National Congress (ANC) in order to:
Unite South Africans to fight for greater civil rights for blacks.
All of the following were positive effects of European Colonization of Africa except?
Better wages
The Gold Coast's nationalism increased after:
WWI ended
Fighting between two or more groups or regions in the same country is referred to as:
Civil War
The purpose of the Berlin Conference was to discuss:
The partioning of Africa
Who was the president that brought the policies of apartheid to an end?
F.W. de Klerk
Which European coutnry gained the most land in Africa?
The Aftrican Union works to unify Africa by improving in the following areas EXCEPT:
Increasing Military size
_______ is the forced control of one nation by another.
Ethnic conflicts, civil wars, unemployment, and the spread of diseases in Kenya and nigeria are all results of:
Government Corruption.