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What is the highest mountain in Africa?
Mount Kilimanjaro
What are the names of the deserts in North and in South Africa?
North=The Sahara
South=the Kalahari
Rift Valleys
The trough or trench that forms when a thinning strip of the Earth's crust sinks between two parallel fault lines.
Mountain chain in the North West of Africa
Atlas mts.
Most of south Africa's population can be found in what state?
What is the lingua francae of Africa
What are the two largest religions of Africa?
Christianity and Islam
What is the major waterfall in Africa and where is it located?
Victoria falls on the Zambezi
What was the major trade area of Africa?
What is one of the oldest known Christian religions and where is it located?
Coptic church, Ethiopia
Who were the first to travel around Africa?
the Portuguese
who were the first to colonize Africa?
The Dutch
In what year was Africa divided up?
What is the capitol of Nigeria?
What is the biggest city in Sub-Africa and where is it located?
Lagos, Nigeria
Who was the first president of South Africa?
Nelson Mandela
What one State in Africa was not taken over by Europeans?
Which African state can be called a 'failed state'?
What is the main religion of East Africa?
What are the main languages of West Africa?
English and French
The Sharia Law can be found in what book?
The Koran
What is the Capitol of Liberia?
What states capitol is named for President James Monroe?
Monrovia, Liberia
What where the Dutch called who had lived in Africa for a long time.
Where is the home of Osama Bin Laden?
What is the longest river in the world?
The Nile
Where is it believed 'high' civilization began?
What is the main language of Iran?
What is the main language of Israel?
What is the main language of Niger
What are the two main types of Islam?
Sunni and Shiite
Who is the founder of Islam?
Who is known as the "last prophet" of Islam?
What is the name of the black box found in Mecca?
What is said to be inside the Kaaba?
A meteorite
Where is the Dome of the Rock located?
Most of North Africa had been under the rule of what State?
The Dutch of Africa called the language that they spoke what?
What is the money of Africa called?
Populations in this region tend to be located around what?
The Nile river is also called the what?
Exotic River
Arab refers to what?
Arabic speaking
Which Islamic sect believes leadership should be achieved from heritage?
Which Islamic sect believes leadership should be given to the best man for the job?
What is the name of the conservative Islam sect in Saudi Arabia?
What is the second most sacred site to Islam and why?
Medina, this is where Mohammad went to escape
Many Islamic calendars date from when?
When Mohammad fled to Medina from Mecca
What is the third most sacred site of Islam?
The Dome of the Rock
Why is the Dome of the Rock sacred to the Jews?
The plateau under the dome is the Temple of David the only place sacrifices can be made.
Why is the Dome of the Rock sacred to Islam?
It is believed it is the site where Mohammad ascended to heaven.
What is the population of Jerusalem?
Church of the Nativity is located where?
When the Ottoman Empire fell it became what?
Who was the leader of Turkey after its fall as the Ottoman Empire?
Istanbul was once called what?
Constantinople was named after whom?
Emperor Constantin
Turkey has two parts, what are they?
Asian Turkey, European Turkey
Where is most of the oil of the Middle East Located?
Persian Gulf
The Arabian Peninsula consists of what countries?
Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman
What sect of Islam has the largest population?
What state has the highest recorded temperature in the world?
Why were the pyramids of Egypt built to the West?
The sun sets in the west and is a symbol of death.
What group of people in West Asia are known as a stateless-nation?
What is the capitol of Jordan?
What state in the Middle East at one time was very Westernized and lived in harmony with each other?
What city was once known as the "Paris of the Middle East" and where was it located?
Beirut, Lebanon
What is the current capitol of Turkey and what was it before?
Ankara, Constantinople
What city is located on the border between Europe and Asia?
Throughout most of history Iran was known as what?
What is the largest lake in the world?
Caspian Sea
What state in West Asia is known as a Buffer-state?
What were the continents called when they where one massive shape?
What were the continents called when they were beginning to break apart?
What type of environment surrounds the Nile river?
What was the last European country to give up their colonies?
Where is Kenya located?
East Africa
What is the big resource of Nigeria?
When was modern day Israel created?
What is the youngest large religion in the world?
What is the capitol of Israel?
a disease that infects many people in a kind of equilibrium, without causing rapid and widespread death
When a disease outbreak has local or regional dimensions
When a disease spreads worldwide
Land tenure
refers to the way people own, occupy, and use land
land alienation
the expropriation of land by Europeans
two-thirds of sub africas population depends on what for its livelihood?
Trade between the desert communities and the forest communities is known as
regional complementarity
What is the oldest sub African state that we know anything about?
What state is centered on Timbuktu?
The great ? migration resulted in the formation of the powerful ? Empire in the nineteenth century.
Bantu, Zulu
What was the name of the notorious Arab slave trade market?
What is the name of one of the first European settlements in Southern most Africa? Who settled it?
Cape Town, the Dutch
What was the name of the conference that separated Africa?
Berlin Conference
Who lead the reign of terror that came to be Africa's most severe demographic disaster?
King Leopold
When did the Belgium Congo achieve independence?
What Europeans dominated most of East and Southern Africa?
Where can the Yoruba people be found?
Formal sector
Government control, and regulations affecting civil service, business, industry and workers.
informal sectors
peopled by rural immigrants, who also work as servants, apprentices, construction workers and in countless other menial jobs
What dominates many African cities: formal or informal sectors?
Informal sectors
What state has the only well balanced economy is sub-Africa?
South Africa
Botswana's prosperity is based on the sales of what?
Namibia's prosperity comes from what?
The basin of what river defines most of equatorial Africa?
Congo River
What lake is the southernmost of the East African rift-valley lakes?
Lake Malawi
What river system forms the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe?
the Zambezi
What are the two pivotal river systems of the southern region of Africa?
the Zambezi and the Orange-Vaal
Africa's richest region materially is what?
Southern Africa
"apartness", term for South Africa's pre-1994 policies of racial separation, a system that produced highly segregated socio-geographical patterns.
Who won the Boer war?
The British
Where was Nelson Mandela imprisoned and for how long?
Robben Island, 28 years
who became South Africas second president in 1999?
Thabo Mbeki
Who is the current president of South Africa?
Jacob Zuma
What area of South Africa is known as the "Diamond Capitol"?
What area of South Africa became the "gold capitol" of the world?
What was the Boer capitol of South Africa?
What desert is known as the driest desert on earth?
The Namib
What is the capitol of Zimbabwe?
Who destroyed prospering Zimbabwe?
Robert Mugabe
What caused Angola to fall?
The Cold War
What is the capitol of Angola?
What region are the "great lakes" of Africa located in?
East Africa
What are the two popular savannas of East Africa?
Serengeti, Maasai Mara
Most of East Africa borders what ocean?
The Indian Ocean
What is the dominate state of East Africa?
What is the capitol of Kenya?
In the 1980's who had the highest rate of population growth in the world?
In Kenya who is known as the father of the nation?
Jomo Kenyatta
What brutal dictator took over Uganda in 1971?
Idi Amin
What president of Uganda became known as an international hero of the anti-AIDS campaign?
Yoweri Museveni
What is the capitol of Ethiopia?
Adis Abeba
What body of water did Ethiopia border before the secession of Eritrea?
The Red Sea
What separates equatorial Africa from West Africa?
The Adamawa Highlands
What region is the most troubled in Sub-Africa?
Equatorial Africa
What is the capitol of The Congo?
Where is Darfur located?
What is the capitol of Gabon?
What is the capitol of Cameroon?
What is the capitol of Congo?
What is the capitol of Equatorial Guinea?
Who had control of Equatorial Guinea?
The Spanish
What area is an Exclave of independent Angola?
After its emancipation what area became one of the most dangerous oil producing areas in the world?
Niger Delta
Strict Islamic Law
Nigerians refer to the transition Zone of their county as what?
Middle Belt
Who was once known as the Gold Coast?
President of Ghana
Capital of the Ivory Coast
Mesopotamia is located Where?
Between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
The Tigris and Euphrates rivers come together in what state?
Periodic Market
A system whereby particular village markets are not open every day, but only every third or fourth day or in some other rotation
Where can you find a periodic market in Sub Africa?
West Africa south of the sahel or Saharan border.
Arabic word meaning border
Africas transition zone lies in its?
Because Islam defines the southern periphery of the African transition zone it is referred to as the what?
Islamic Front
The Namib Desert is located in what state?
Muhammad was born where?
On the Arabian Peninsula
What is the worlds largest Muslim State?
Mecca is located in what Mnts?
Jabal Mountains
When did Muhammad flee to Medina?
AD 622
The 5 Pillars of Islam
1. Repeated expression of the basic creed.
2. The daily prayer
3. 1 month a year fasting (Ramadan)
4. the giving of alms.
5. Pilgrimage to mecca (hajj)
What are the 5 types of diffusion?
Spatial, expansion, relocation, contagious and hierarchical diffusion.
Religious revivalism
the resurgence of religious fundamentals
A leader under Allah is called?
ayatollah was a term that replaced what in 1979?
teachers of Islamic ways
When did al-Qaeda emerge?
After the cold war
Who was the leader of the Ottoman Empire?
Suleyman the Magnificent
Capitol of Iraq
Which NASWA country has realized that oil reserve will be depleted and is using their money to focus on the future?
The largest city by population in NASWA is ?
Cairo, Egypt
The second largest city by population in NASWA is?
Istanbul, Turkey
The Red Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea via what canal?
Suez Canal
What is Egypts Capitol?
What is the peninsula off Egypt called?
Sinai Peninsula
Capitol of Sudan also where the two Niles converge.
What is the greatest of all Nile projects?
The Aswan High Dam
Egypts substance farmers are known as?
The countries of Nothwestern Africa are collectively called?
the Maghreb
What are the 3 countries of the Maghreb?
Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia
What is the capitol of Mali
What river runs through the core of Iraq?
What is the chief source of irrigation water in Syria
Orontes River
Who controls Syria?
Who colonized Lebanon in the Post-Ottoman era?
What is the name of the Iran-sponsored terrorist movement that took over Lebanon?
What body of water lies between Golan Heights and Israel?
Sea of Galilee
What body of water lies between Jordan and the West Bank of Israel?
Dead Sea
What is the Strait between Djibouti and Yemen?
Bab el Mandeb Strait
What was the name of the Arabian Peninsula war of 1991?
The Gulf War
The world's narrowest and most dangerous strategic strait
Hormuz Strait
What strait lies between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman?
Hormuz Strait
What desert is thought to be the most deserted on Earth, where is it located?
Rub al Khali, Saudi Arabia
What is the Capitol of Saudi Arabia?
Who is the King of Saudi Arabia?
King Abdullah
Who makes up the United Arab Emirates? (UAE)
Oman and Yemen
Who is not a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council?
The group of tiny islands in the Persian Gulf make up what state?
The small peninsula jetting out into the Persian Gulf is known as what state?
What is the capitol of Qatar?
In the UAE who has the largest amounts of oil and cash reserves?
Abu Dhabi
Who is called the Hong Kong of the Arabian Peninsula?
What is the capitol of Oman?
What is the name of the peninsula that creates a choke point off Oman?
Musandam Peninsula
What body of water lies south of Yemen?
Gulf of Adan
What is the capitol of Yemen?
What states are known as the Empire states?
Turkey and Iran
Turkey is dominated by what Islamic sect?
Turkey is trying to negotiate entry into what?
The European Union
What is the name of the Island south of Turkey in the Mediterranean sea?
What is the name of the body of water between European and asian Turkey?
Sea of Marmara
What are the names of the mountains in the East and in the North of Iran?
East= Zagros Mts.
North= Elburz Mts.
nomadism is especially associated with what realm?
Capitol of Iran
Saddam Hussein is from where?
Central Asia is known as
What is the most westernized state of the maghreb?
Who was the Emperor of Ethiopia in the 1930's?
Haile Selassie
Haile Selassie's heritage can be dated back to whom?
Solomon of the Old testement
What type of sector has people that set up tents to sell their own goods?
Informal sector
Large Indian population can be found in what part of Africa?
South east
What is the famous township of south Africa?
The townships of South Africa did what?
Segregated blacks and indians from whites
In Spanish Liberia means
What desert accounts for over half of Israels land area?
What is the name of the 12 caliph of which one disappeared?
What is the name of the wall in Jerusalem
the wailing or western wall
Who is the leader of Libya?
Col Gaddafi
The Berber people can be found where?
North Africa
Where is Carthage located? What famous person is from there?
Tunisia, Hannibal
What type of empire can be found in Carthage?
Gaddafi was a leader in what state?
Noah's ark was believed to be found where?
Mount Ararat in Turkey