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Describe a landlocked country.
surrounded on all sides by countries, has limited access to waterways.
What is the largest desert in the world?
Sahara-increasing due to misuse of water
What is the largest lake is Africa?
Lake Victoria
What is the longest river in the world?
An are of land formed by silt deposits as a river empties into a larger body of water is called.....
a delta.

Silt is a mixture of sand, clay and soil
Why are Africa's rivers difficult to use for transportation?
they have rough rapids and waterfalls
**They are good for hydroelectricity.**
What is an escarpment?

Drakensburg Escarpment
a steep slope capped by a nearly flat plateau
Positives of Dams
1. Hydroelectric power
2. contain water for crop irrigation
3. help control flooding
Negatives of Dams
1. People lose their homes.
2. Animals lose their habitats.
Why does Africa have such a range of climates-from deserts to rain forests?
It stretches across many lines of latitude.
-Similar patterns exist both North and South of the Equator.
Mt. Kilimanjaro demonstrates the effect of _____________on climate.

The mt. is so tall it remains snow capped year round.
What are some indicators of a strong economy?
1-well developed infrastructure.
2-skilled/educated population.
3-high GDP
4-higher urban than rural population
5-labor force involved in manufacturing/service industries
What is infrastructure?
roads, buildings, bridges in a country
What is GDP?
Gross Domestic Product-the value of goods and services produced in a country in a year.
What is the name for the exchange of goods between Africa, Great Britain and No. America?
Triangular Trade Route
Why has Africa had difficulty modernizing?
investments/aid from other nations have NOT significantly increased African countries wealth
Reasons for Africa's slow economic growth.
4-unstable gov't/wars
5-lack of industry/technology
6-drought, lack of H2O
7-no cash crops
What are some problems with Africa's natural resources?
1-unevenly spread out
2-difficult to reach
3-many were taken by colonial powers
Why is Africa's agriculture poor?
1-harsh climates
2-infertile, salty soil
3-water is scarce
Name 3 of Africa's poorest countries.
Chad, Ethopia, Somalia
What 2 civilizations flourished along the Nile?
Egypt and Kush
Name as many European colonial powers as you can.
France, Spain, Britain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal
What happened at the Conference of Berlin in 1884?
The Europes drew the boundaries of Africa without regard to ethnic groups, mountains, languages, rivers, etc.
When did many African nations gain their independence?
1950s and 1960s
What are some causes of civil wars in Africa?
natural resources
water access
What 2 groups are fighting in Rwanda and Burundi?
Hutus and Tutsis
What is the major religion of North Africans?
What is the major religion of sub-Saharan Africa?
What is animism?
The belief that spirits dwell in objects found in nature-snimals, trees, mountains, and water.
What is apartheid?
The south African government policy of separating the blacks and whites.
Why has Kenya experience social and political unrest?
the country has been unable to supply enough food or jobs for its people.
Name some of Africa's current problems.

Card 1
1-overpopulation, starvation
2-disease-AIDS, sleeping sickness
3-unemployment-not enough jobs for everyone who moves to the cities.
Name of Africa's current problems.

Card 2
4-quality of enviroment
5-drought, famine
6-infertile soil
7-civil and ethnic wars
How is the sleeping sickness carried?
by the tsetse fly
What is the OAU and what do they do?
Organization of African Unity

Believe that African states can solve their problems by working together.