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photograph-(graph-write, draw) picture drawn by light
telephoto-(tele-distant)- light from far away
photometer-(metron-measure) - a device which measures light
phototropic-(tropos-turn) - turning toward light
photophilia-(philia-love)-love of light
photophobia-(phobos-fear) - fear or dislike of light
photosynthesis-(syn-together, thesis-putting) - a process of putting things together by using light
to write or draw
photograph-(photo-light)-picture drawn by light
photopraph-(phono-sound)-machine for writing (or recording)sound
telegraph-(tele-distant)-writing from far away
graph-pictured information
lithograph-(lithos-stone)-drawing made on a stone
graphite-black carbon used for drawing or writing
autograph-(auto-self)-to write one's own name
phonogram-(phono-sound)-written symbol for a sound
hologram-(holos-complete)-a three-dimensional photograph of a whole object
meter-unit of measure-39.47 inches long
geometry -(geo-earth)-measurement of the earth
optometry (opsis-sight)-measure eyesight
symmetry-(sym-same, equal)-measuring the same
barometer-(baros-weight, pressure)-device to measure air pressure
thermometer-(thermos-heat)-measure heat
diameter-(dia-through, across)-measuring across
centimeter-(centum-hundred)-one hundredth of a meter
anemometer-(anemos-wind)-measures wind speed
tropics-the area of the earth from the equator north to the Tropic of Cancer and south to the Tropic of Capricorn
tropical-the climate of the earth in the tropics
phototropic-(photo-light)-turning toward light as leaves and flowers do
heliotrope-(helios-sun)-a flower named for its tendency to turn toward the sun
tropophilous-(philia-love)-plants or trees which like a change or turning of seasons-hot and cold, wet and dry
thermotropism-(thermos-heat)-turning toward heat (as cats do!)
love, friendship
philosopher-(sophia-wisdom)-one who loves wisdom
Philadelphia (adelphos-brother)-city of brotherly love
philanthropist-(anthropos-man)-one who cares about his fellow man
phillumenist-(lumen-light)-one who collects match covers
philogynist--(gyne-woman)-one who loves women
philologist-(logos-word)-one who loves words
philtre-love potion
Anglophile-(Angli-English)-one who love England
Francophile-(Francus-France)-one who loves France