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Affirmative Action Program
planned, special efforts to recruit, hire and promote women and members of minority groups
Bona fide occupational qualification
allows discrimination ont eh basis of religion, sex, or national origin where it is reasonable necessary to normal operation of particular enterprise
Comparable worth
applies to jobs that are distinctly different but require similar levels of ability and have the same pay scale
Complain model
involves these steps: 1) listen to the complaint and paraphrase it. 2) Have the complainer recommend a solution. 3) schedule time to get all the facts or make a decision 4) develop and implement a plan and follow up
have significant, physical, mental or emotional limitations
behavior for or against a person or situation
people who live and work in a county other than their native country
list includes Hispanics, Asians, African Americans, Native Americans and Alaskan natives
Multinational company
conducts a large part of its business outside the country of its headquarters
is the prejudgement of a person or situation based on attitudes
refers to discrimination based on sex
Sexual Harrassment
any unwelcomed behavior of a sexual nature
simplification or reduction of human effort to do a job
Coaching model
involves: 1) refer to past feedback 2) describe current performance 3) describe desired performance 4) commitment
process of developing the ability to perform both present and future jobs