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6 side effects of lithium?
-nausea, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, or soft stools
-muscle weakness, fatigue
-hair loss
Hypothyroidism, a possible S/E of lithium can be treated by replacing thyroid hormone such as ___ and ___.
-Dessicated thyroid
Most popular herbal remedy for depression in the US is ___.
St. Johns Wort
___ is used in Europe for anxiety.
St. John Wort
What are the 2 S/E of St. Johns Wort?
photosensitivity, GI disturbances
Do not use this medication with other antidepressants.
St. Johns Wort
Valerian is used for ___, ___, ___, and ___.
-migraine headaches
-sedative effects
What are the 3 S/E of Valerian?
-liver damage with excess use
Do not use Valerian with ___, ___, and ___.
SAM-E used for ___, ___, and ___.
-liver disease
What is the S/E of SAM-E?
mild stomach upset
Kava is used for ___ and ___.
3 S/E of Kava?
-dry skin
-yellow discoloration of skin