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AF Form 8
Certificate of Aircrew Qualification
AF Form 942
Record of Evaluation
AF Form 1522
ARMS Additional Training Accomlishment Report-
Apprentice/ 3 Level and Journeyman/ 5 Level duties are:
The only difference between them are the amount of supervision.

Duties include: Prepare and process AOs, Perform in and outprocessing fuctions for members required to be on AOs, Schedule aircrew flying and ground training, Prepare reports and coordiante aircraft schedules and training activities to maintenance, intelligence, personnel, etc., Compile, record, and audit data for ARMS, Process aviation mgmt reports and source documents to ensure accuracy.
When working in the training office, which AFI would u refer to?
AFI 11-2, MDS Specific
Name the four parts of the STS (specialty training standard).
-column 1, tasks, knowledge, and references
-column 2, core tasks
-column 3, certification of OJT
-column 4-proficiency codes
What does STS mean?
-specialty training standard
Task performance levels:
-numbers 1 to 4, hands on performance: use in conjunction with task knowledge levels
Task knowledge levels:
-lowercase letters a to d, can be used alone, knowledge how to
Subj knowledge levels:
-uppercase letters A to D, knowledge on a subj
What does U&TW mean?
Utilization and Training Workshop
AF Form 623
Ind Training Record
AF Form 623a
OTJ Train Record Continuation Sheet
AFI 36-2201, vol 5
AF Training Program-CFETP
What are the four indicators of OPSEC security?
-communications, administrative, operations, and logistics and maintenance
What are the three broad categories of OPSEC?
telephones, radio communications, and physical environment
AFMAN 37-139
Records Disposition Schedule
What are the three things that identifies the standard AF publications?
series number, control number, and title
AFI 11-101
Management Reports on the Flying Hour Program
AFI 11-202, vol 1
Aircrew Training
AFI 11-202
Flying Operations
AFI 11-202 vol 2
Aircrew Stan/Eval
AFI 11-202 vol 3
General Flight Rules
AFI 11-401
Flight Management: ex's; codes, OFDA, rated officer and cea program
AFI 11-402
Aviation and Parachutist Service, AO Ratings and Badges: ex's; FEB/AEB, disqual & requal
AFI 11-403
Aerospace Physiological Training program: also known as altitude chamber
AFI 11-404
Centrifuge Training for High G Aircrew
AFI 11-410
Personnel Parachute Operations
AF Form 922
Ind Jump Record
AFI 11-421
AFI 48-123
Med Examination and Standards
AFI 65-503
AF Cost and Planning Factors
AF Form 142
Aviation Service Audit Worksheet (tracking OFDA)
AF Form 702
Ind Physiological Training Record
Af Form 847
Recommendation for Change of Publication
AF Form 1042
Med Recommendation for Flying and Special Operational Duty
AF Form 1373
MPO Document Control Log-Transmittal (process mpos and acts as a cover sheet)
AF Form 1520
ARMS Ind Flight Entitlement Worksheet (track hrs for conditional pay)
AF Form 1521
ARMS Ind Jump Pay Entitlement Worksheet
AF Form 1887
AO (PA) Aviation Service
AF Form 3215
IT/NSS Requirements Document-suggest changes in ARMS
AF Form 3520
Aircrew/Mission Flight Data Extract-document time extracted from a 781
DD Form 114
Military Pay Order-used as an MPO when an AO isnt required
This DODFMR contains info and ane explanation of how to apply requirements for HDIP and also includes an explanation of the determination of the 3 month calendar prd.
Chp 22, Aerial Flights
This DODFMR has info regarding determining flight pay for parachutists.
Chp 24, Parachute Duty, Flight Deck Duty, Demolition Duty, Experimental Stress Duty and Others Listed
This DODFMR applies to the Financial Services office at each AF Installation and installations that operate under the AFO
DFAS-DEM 7073 vol 1
This DODFMR contains geaneral info about the Defense Joint Military Pay System (DJMPS) that applies all input sources outside the FSO (financial service office)
DFAS-DEM 7073 vol 2 Ex:guidance in the preparation of MPOs
A LAN (local area network) has four features:
-limited to geographical sense
-has high speed
-it's structured
-supports full connectivity between all of its members
What are the 6 subsystems of ARMS?
-Resource, Training, Flight, System Management, Reports, and Interfaces
What does AWG means?
ARMS working group
What does DIREP means?
Difficulty reports
What are the 5 levels of a DIREPS?
-Priority 1: crtical
-Priority 2: no workaround is known
-Priority 3: a workaround is known
-Priority 4-doesnt affect anything
-Priority 5: denotes any other effect
What is the time allowed to fix the problem of DIREPS?
48 hrs for priority 1 to 180 days for priority 5
What does HUM mean?
Heads up messages
When HUMS are sent out to customers, how long after do they expire?
What is used to inform customers about general topics?
What are system specific messages that are used to alert customers about matters concerning their system?
What does SAN mean?
System advisory notice
The chairman, a representative from the formal schoolhouse, a primary and alternate representative from each MAJCOM, and a represenattive from Headquarters SSG(standard system group) as the ARMS advisor is a represenattion of
The AFCFM, MFMs, the AWG chairperson, HQ SSG/BISA, and a 1C0X2 representative from each of the formal training schools is a representation of
ASG(Arms steering group)
The five basic ratings of rated officers are:
-airbattle manager
-flight surgeon
-aircraft onbeserver