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What are line of longitude?
Eighteen primary great circles going north-south
What are latitude line?
Parallel line having 10 degree spacing between them from the equator to the poles
What is the prime meridian?
The starting point for lines of longitude or zero degrees. passes from the north pole to the south pole through Greenwich England
What is Mercator?
a cylindrical projection of a map
what is conic projection?
It places a cone over the earth and projects the meridian and paralles
what is the most ccommonly used aeronautical chart?
Sectional chart
Who do sectional maps help most?
pilots who fly aircraft over short distances
What do relief charts describe?
How are relief charts depected?
by color tints, contour lines and shading
Hydrographic features refer to what?
How are streames and lakes depicted on a sectional?
in blue
On a sectional map how are cities and town featured?
in bright yellow
On a sectional map how are small towns shown?
small back circles
What are the three kinds of airports?
civilian, military or joint use
How is a civilian unpaved airport marked?
magenta circle
What is marked near the name of the airport?
height above sea level and length of runway
How is a military airport marked?
The same as civilian except and abbreviation for the owning military service
What are joint use airports?
Where civilian and military share runways?
How are joint use airports marked?
With its name with both civilian and military listing
What is subject to control by faa air traffic controllers?
Controlled airspace
What is the largest area of controlled airspace called?
The continental control area
Control areas are around what?
most airports
What are airways?
three-dimensional highways in the sky
What is special use airspace?
prohibited and restricted airspace
What is a true course line?
a line or series of lines that the navigator indicataes the airplane will follow
What is magnetic courses?
Magnetic north is different from true north because the magnetic north and south poles are not the same a the geographic north and south poles
When does compass deviation occur?
Once the compass is mounted in a plane. It must be adjusted because of electrical power and metals in the aircraft
what is a altimeter?
The only non-electronic means the pilot has of determining the distance over the service
what is true airspeed vs. ground speed?
airspeed tells the pilot how fast the airplane is flying through the air. Ground speed is a measure of how fast your aircraft is going across the surface of the earth
What does wind do?
effect of wind on an airplane can either increase or decrease the ground speed depending on whether the plane is flying with or against the wind
What is a wind triangle?
a tool pilots use to figure out where the wind drift will cause the aircraft to fly over the ground.
What does pilotage mean?
navigating by reference to visible landmarks
What does Dead Reckoning involve?
the systematic consideration of all factors that will and could affect the flight
What is the aircraft radio used for?
an aid to navigation because it is the pilot's communication's link with faa personal
What does VOR stand for?
Very High Frequency Omnidirectional radio Range
What is the VOR?
is the second half of the aircraft radio.
What must the VOR be tuned to?
the broadcast frequency of the Vor radio station just like the aircraft radio
What does ADF stand for?
Automatic Directional Finder
What is the ADF? i
is another type of radio receiver that is used to determine direction, but it does not provide as much information as the VOR
What does DME stand for?
Distance measuring equipment
What does the DME do?
sends a signal and measures the time it takes to go from the aircraft to the VORTAC and return.
Radar works on the principle of what?
of reflected radio energy.
What do weather radars show?
areas of precipitation and storms
What does the VOR system do?
The total system includes the airplane receivers and the ground stations working together to help the pilot navigate.
what does LORAN stand for?
Long-range navigation
What is LORAN?
It is a complete navigation system that is used by large cargo ships and many small, privately owned sea craft. It is also used by aircraft as a means of navigation.
What is GPS?
Consists of roughly24 satellites in orbit around the Earth, several ground tracking stations and a receiver in the aircraft.
What does GPS stand for?
Global positioning system
What does PPS stand for?
Precise positioning system
What is PPS?
is the military's encoded signal
What is SPS?
is the civilian public's signal
What does SPS stand for?
Standard positioning system
What is inertial navigation?
is a self contained unit located withing the aircraft that needs only to be programmed for the starting point and a destination
What does RNAV stand for?
Area Navigation system
What is RNAV?
is a computer controlled navigation system that allows pilots to fly directly from the airport of origin to the destination airport without passing over a single VOR station
What does ILS stand for?
Instrument Landing System
What is ILS?
is used only within a short distance from the airport and only when the purpose is to land the airplane
What does MLS stand for?
In Europe, this system is replacing the ILS It is more efficient than the ILS
Differential GPS landing systems can what?
be molded to the community's need and still satisfy the aviator.
On a map, parallel lines are called line of what?
The prime meridian passes from the north pole to the south pole thourgh where?
Greenwich, england
What is the term to discribe elevations on maps?
On a map, the largest area of controlled airspace is called the _____ control area?
Which of the following is a tool used by a pilot to determine where wind drift will cause the airacraft to fly over the ground?
wind triangle
Which of the following is a technique of navigation that involves the systematic consideration of all factors that iwll and could affect a flight?
dead recodoning
t/f LORAN is an acronym for long range navigation
t/f The Global Positioning system GPS consists of one major satellite in orbit around the earth and several ground tracking stations?
The Standard Positioning System SPS is the military's encoded signal and accuracy is controlled by a program called selective assignment? t/f
The instrument landing system ILS is used only within a short distance of the airport, but is used for both takeoff and landings? t/f