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dicio, dicionis, f
power, sovereignty, authority
pollicitus, a, um
indeed, truly, for my part; of course, certainly, admittedly
occasus, us, m
the setting of the heavenly bodies; the west; fall, destruction
solor, solari, solatus sum
to comfort, console, assuage, relieve troubles
rependo, rependere, rependi, repensus
to weigh back again; to ransom, repay, requite
elabor, elabi, elapsus sum
to glide out, slip away, escape, disappear
penetro, penetrare, penetravi, penetratus
to put into, to pass through or into, to penetrate
sinus, us, m
curve, fold, winding; fold, pocket, lap; bay, gulf; heart, secret feelings
tutus, a, um
watched over; safe, secure; watchful, cautious
prorumpo, prorumpere, prorupi, proruptus
to cause to break out, thrust forth; to break forth, burst out
arvus, a, um
arvum, i, n
ploughed land, a field; region
adnuo, adnuere, adnui, adnutus
to nod to, agree; agree to give or do
infandus, a, um
unutterable, abominable
prodeo, prodire, prodii, proditus
to advance, go forward; to project; to come out, appear
disiungo, disiungere, disiunxi, disiunctus
to unbind, loosen, separate, remove, distinguish
repono, reponere, reposui, repositus
to lay back; to put aside, lay up, deposit, store; to reckon; to replace, restore; to requite