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ostendo, ostendere, ostendi, ostentus/ostensus
to hold out, show, reveal, present
aeger, aegra, aegrum
sick, ill, infirm
praeda, ae, f
spoils of war, plunder, booty; prey
accingo, accingere, accinxi, accinctus
to gird on, equip, arm
daps, dapis, f
feast, meal, banquet
tergus, tergoris, n
the back; skin, hide, leather
diripio, diripere, diripui, direptus
to snatch apart, tear to pieces; to divide (spoil); to pillage, lay waste
costa, ae, f
rib, side
nudo, nudare, nudavi, nudatus
to make bare, strip, uncover; to spoil, divest, deprive
seco, secare, secui, sectus
to cut, wound, hurt, divide, part
figo, figere, fixo, fixus
to fix, fasten, make fast, attach, affix, transfix
tremo, tremere, tremui, --
to tremble, quake
victus, us, m
living; manner of life; nourishment, food
fusus, a, um
spread out, extended
impleo, implere, implevi, impletus
to fill in, fill up, complete, satisfy, fulfil
ferina, ae, f
flesh of wild animals, game
pinguis, e
fat, oily, rich
amitto, amittere, amisi, amissus
to send away, let go, let slip; lose
requiro, requirere, requisii/ivi, requisitus
to ask for, look for, enquire after; to demand, desire; to miss, feel the want of
exaudio, exaudire, exaudivi, exauditus
to hear plainly, listen to, comply with
acer, acris, acre
sharo, cutting, keen
crudelis, e
unfeeling, cruel
velivolus, a, um
flying with sails
defigo, defigere, defixi, defixus
to fasten down, fix in, secure; to concentrate, fix upon
nitens, nitentis
shining, bright, sleek
fulmen, fulminis, n
a lightning-stroke, thunderbolt
funus, funeris, n
funeral, burial; corpse; death, destruction, ruin
claudo, claudere, clausi, clausus
to close, shut up, confine, shut in