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stagnum, i, n
standing water, lake, pool, pond, swamp, fen
refundo, refundere, refusi, refusus
to pour back, return, cause to flow back
commoveo, commovere, commovi, commotus
to put in violent motion, move, shake, stir
prospicio, prospicere, prospexi, prospectus
to look forward, have a view, look out
ruina, ae, f
rushing down, tumbling, falling down, fall
dolus, i, m
device, artifice, contrivance
fiducia, ae, f
trust, confidence, reliance, assurance
poena, ae, f
compensation, recompense, retribution, punishment, penalty, price
luo, luere, lui, lutus
to pay for, loose, redeem, free
maturo, maturare, maturavi, maturatus
to make ripe, ripen, bring to maturity
pelagus, i, n
the sea
tumidus, a, um
swollen, swelling, rising, protuberant, tumid
reduco, reducere, reduxi, reductus
to bring back, lead bac, accompany, draw back
adnitor, adniti, adnisus/nixus sum
to press against, lean upon; to strive after
detrudo, detrudere, detrusi, detrusus
to thrust away, thrust down, push down, push off, strip off
scopulus, i, m
rota, ae, f
perlabor, perlabi, perlapsus sum
to slip through, glide over
coorior, cooriri, coortus sum
to arise, come forth, stand up, appear, rise, break forth
seditio, onis, f
a going aside/apart, dissension, discord, insurrection, mutiny, sedition
vulgus, i, n
the people, public; mass, crowd, rabble, mob
fax, facis, f
torch, firebrand
minstro, ministrare, minsistravi, ministratus
to attend, wait upon, serve
sileo, silere, silui, --
to be silent, be still, be silent, keep silence
adsto, adstare, adsteti, adstatus
to stand at, take place near
arrideo, arridere, arrisi, arrisus
to laugh to, smile upon; be favourable to; to please
rego, regere, rexi, rectus
to guide, direct, rule, govern
mulceo, mulcere, mulsi, mulsus
to stroke, touch lightly, fondle; graze
fragor, fragoris, m
a crashing, crash, noise, din
cado, cadere, cecidi, casus
to sink, fall, fall down