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libro (1)
balance, weigh
inermus, a, um
quercus, us, f
oak tree
addenseo, ere,
thicken, pack densely
insto, are, institi, instaturus
approach, press upon, pursue
urgeo, ere, ursi
drive, urge, press hard
discrepo, are, discrepui
diagree, be different
moneo, ere, ui, itus
warn, advise
obeo, ire, obivi, obitus
go over, go around, survey
praecordia, orum, n pl.
heart, breast
hand to hand
contiguus, a, um
next to, near, close
meta, ae, f
turning point
pellis, is, f
skin, hide
molior, iri, molitus
set in motion, push
tegmen, inis
covering, protection
clipeus, i, m
calidus, a, um
lorica, ae, f
leather cuirass
corruo, ere, corrui
rush down, fall
scutum, i, n
emo, ere, emi, emptus
buy, purchase
frequens, frequentis (pl)
in great numbers
aufero, ferre, abstuli, ablatus
carry away
fateor, eri, fassus
admit, acknowledge
indiges, indigetis
hero, divinity
resto, are, restiti
be left, remain
struo, ere, struxi, structus
arrange, build, prepare, contrive
deformo (1)
disfigure, mar, spoil
edo, edere, edi, esus
consume, burn
recurso, are
return persistently, keep recurring
invitus, a, um
aerius, a, um
of the air, heavenly
contendo, ere, i, contentus
bend, shoot, aim, draw tight
succurro, ere, succurri, succursus
help, run to aid
reddo, ere, redidi, reditus
render, return
exosus, a, um
adicio, ere, adieci, adiectus
add, confer in addition
celebro (1)
celebrate, observe solemnly
remitto, ere, remisi, remissus
concede, yield, grant
subsido, ere, subrisi, subrisus
sink, fall, give away
laetor (1)
feel joy, be glad
limes, limitis, m
boundary, boundary stone
lis, litis, f
dispute, lawsuit
stir up, arouse
retracto (1)
draw back
subeo, ire, subii, subitus
go under, undergo
evado, ere, evasi, evasus
traverse, pass beyond
genu, us, n
in vain
languidus, a, um
sluggish, weak
deprecor (1)
plead against, seek to avoid
crepitus, us, m
clashing, rattling
lorica, ae, f
leather cuirass
poples, poplitis, m
septemplex, icis
of seven layers
recludo, ere, reclusi, reclusus
reveal, expose
femur, oris, n
strido, ere, strididi
hiss, make a harsh noise
muralis, e
of a wall
insto, are, institi, instaturus
press upon, threaten
duplicatus, a, um
doubled up
senecta, ae, f
old age
bulla, ae, f
stud, knob
monimentum, i, n
reminder, memorial
bulla, ae, f
stud, knob