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conticesco, ere, ticui
fall silent
eruo, ere, ui, utus
overthrow, tear up
renovo (1)
renew, revive
umidus, a, um
moist, dewy, damp
abies, abietis, f
fir, pine
costa, ae, f
rib, side
intexo, ere, xui, xtus
weave, cover
seco, are, ui, sectus
cut, slice, cleave
voveo, ere, vovi, votus
vow, consecrate
vagor, ari, atus
wander, spread about
carina, ae, f
keel, ship
innuptus, a, um
unwed, virgin
pando, ere, i, passus
spread, open, loosen
reor, reri, ratus
suppose, think, reckon
careo, ere, ui, itus
be free from, lack
caterva, ae, f
crowd, band, troop
latebra, ae, f
hiding place, cavern, lair
subicio, ere, ieci, iectus
place under
uro, ere, ussi, ustus
burn, consume
alvus, i, f
belly, body
fabrico (1)
fashion, make
ferus, i, m
beast, monster, horse
foedo (1)
mar, defile, mangle
disco, ere, didici
learn, know
inludo, ere, si, sus
mock, insult (dat.)
improvidus, a, um
unseeing, unknowing
amplector, i, plexus
embrace, enfold
juba, ae, f
mane, crest
macto (1)
sacrifice, slaughter
virbo (1)
quiver, dart, vibrate
behind, after
salum, i, n
sea, brine
collum, i, n
ligo (1)
bind, tie, fasten
mugitus, us, m
bellow, roar
depascor, i, pastus
feed on, devour
securis, is, f
inclutus, a, um
famous, renowned
pavor, pavoris, m
shuddering, terror, alarm
stuppeus, a, um
hempen, of tow
sisto, ere, steti, status
stand, stop, stay
velo (1)
veil, cover, deck, clothe
effero, ferre, extuli, elatus
lift, carry off
bigae, arum, f
two wheeled chariot
consius, a, um
conscius, confederate
fletus, us, m
induo, ere, ui, utus
don, put on, clothe
serpo, ere, psi, ptus
creep on, crawl
lorum, i, n
rein, thong
expromo, ere, mpsi, mptus
express, bring forth
compello (1)
address, accost, speak to
statuo, ere, ui, utus
set up, establish
fleo, ere, evi, etus
weep, lament
expromo, ere, mpsi, mptus
express, bring forth
aenus, a, um
bronze, brazen
bipennis, is, f
double ax
bruma, ae, f
cardo, inis, m
hinge, pivot, socket
excido, ere, i, sus
cut out, destroy
nitidus, a, um
shining, bright, sleek
perrumpo, ere, rupi, ruptus
robor, oris, n
oak, strength
succedo, ere, cessi, cessus
approach (dat.)
trabs, trabis, f
beam, timber
vello, ere, vulsi, vulsus
tear up
aries, arietis, m
(battering) ram
creber, crebra, crebrum
frequent, repeated
insto, are, stiti
press on, urge on
labo (1)
totter, waver, vacillate
pavidus, a, um
fearful, frightened
plangor, oris, m
clamor, wailing, beating (of the breast)
procumbo, ere, cubui, cubitum
fall, sink
trucido (1)
slay, slaughter
agger, aggeris, m
bank, mound
armentum, i, n
herd, flock, drove, cattle
foedo (1)
defile, pollute
thalamus, i, m
marriage chamber, bedroom
aevum, i, n
life, time, eternity
as, as if
columba, ae, f
dove, pigeon
morior, i, mortuus
die, perish
praeceps, praecipitis
headlong, precipitate
effor, effari, atus
speak, say
infestus, a, um
hostile, threatening
lustro (1)
traverse, survey, purify
saucius, a, um
tueor, eri, itus
protect, watch
conicio, ere, ieci, iectus
hurl, shoot
before, face to face
erubesco, ere, erubui
reverence, blush
ictus, us, m
enemy, foe
letum, i, n
death, destruction
mentior, iri, itus
lie, deceive, pretend
raucus, a, um
hoarse sounding, clanging
sero, ere, sevi, satus
beget, sow
umbo, onis, m
boss, knob, shield
addo, ere, didi, ditus
hide, bury
avello, ere, i, vulsus
tear from
capulus, i, m
hilt, handle, head
crudelis, e
cruel, bloody
desero, ere, ui, rtus
desert, forsake
diripio, ere, ui, reptus
plunder, ravage
effero, ferre, extuli, elatus
raise, lift
ensis, is, m
laeva, ae, f
left hand
lapso, are
slip, stumble
as far as, to, up to
fulgeo, ere, lsi
gleam, flash, glitter
obscurus, a, um
dark, obscure, gloomy
back(ward), again
revertor, i, rsus
return, turn back
edax, acis
devouring, consuming
ingemino (1)
redouble, repeat
crater, eris, m
mixing bowl
congero, ere, gessi, gestus
heap up
aro (1)
plow, furrow, till
demo, ere, mpsi, mptus
remove, take away
pario, ere, peperi, partus
acquire, win, produce
lenis, e
soft, gentle, mild
asporto (1)
carry away from
obsideo, ere, sedi, sessus
beseige, beset
levis, e
light, insubstantial
bracchium, (i)i, n
at last, finally
collum, i, n