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laedo, ere, si, sus
strike, hurt, offend, thwart
asper, era, erum
fierce, rough, harsh
colo, ere ,ui, cultus
dwell, cultivate, cherish, honor
posthabeo, ere, ui, itus
place after, esteem less
excidium, i, n
invisus, a, um
hated, odious
aes, aeris, n
arceo, ere, ui,
keep off, defend, restrain
immitis, e
fierce, cruel
disjicio, ere, jeci, jectus
scatter, disperse
ratis, is, f
raft, ship
veto, are, ui, itus
forbid, prevent
fetus, a, um
teeming, pregnant
incedo, ere, cessis, cessus
walk proudly, stride
luctor, ari, atus
wrestle, struggle
laxus, a, um
loose, free
verro, ere, i, versus
diversus, a, um
exigo, ere, egi, actus
complete, pass
obruo, ere, ui, utus
overhwlem, crush
praestans, praestantis
surpassing, excellent
proprius, a, um
one's own, permanent
capesso, ere, ivi, itus
take, perform
creber, bra, brum
frequent, crowded
cuspis, cuspidis, f
point, spear
incumbo, ere, cubui, cubitus
lie upon, brood over
mico, are, ui
quiver, flash
beatus, a, um
blessed, happy
blast, gust
blow (over, through)
intono, are, ui
thunder, roar
occumbo, ere, cubui, cubitus
fall (in death)
oppeto, ere, ivi, itus
encounter, meet
solvo, ere, i, solutus
relax, loosen
praesens, praesentis
present, instant
rudens, rudentis
rope, cable
abripio, ere, ui, reptus
carry off, snatch away
aestus, us, m
boiling, tide
cumulus, i, m
heap, mass
galea, ae, f
lateo, ere, ui
lie hid, hide, lurk
agger, ageris, m
mound, wall, bank
gaza, ae, f
treasure, wealth
pronus, a, um
leaning forward, headlong
syrtis, is, f
sand bar
excutio, ere, cussi, cussus
shake off, cast off
voro (1)
swallow up
compages, is, f
seam, join, fastening
imber, bris, m
rain, flood, water
fatisco, ere
split, gape, open
aula, ae, f
court, hall
compono, ere, posui, positus
compose, construct, calm
quickly, soon
luo, ere, i
atone for
praesto, are, stiti, stitus
be better, surpass
fiducia, ae, f
confidence, trust
comissum, i, n
fault, crime
tumidus, a, um
swelling, swollen
adnitor, i, sus
strive, lean against
arrigo, ere, rexi, rectus
prick up, raise
coorior, iri, ortus
levo (1)
lift, raise
rota, ae, f
tempero (1)
calm, control
vulgus, i, n
crowd, throng, herd
coruscus, a, um
waving, quivering, flashing
efficio, ere, feci, fectus
make, form
flecto, ere, exi, exus
bend, turn, guide
immineo, ere
overhang, threaten
lorum, i, n
rein, thong
minor, are, atus
threaten, tower
scaena, ae, f
background, stage
scindo, ere, scidi, scissus
split, divide
secessus,us, m
inlet, recess
sileo, ere, ui
be silent, be still
objectus, us, m
barrier, projection
alligo (1)
bind, hold (to)
aridus, a, um
artus, us, m
limb, joint
corrumpo, ere, rupi, ruptus
spoil, ruin
colligo, ere, legi, lectus
gather, collect
uncus, a, um
curved, bent, hook
potior, iri, itus
win, gain (abl.)
scintilla, ae, f
frux, frugis, f
fruit, grain
morsus, us, m
bit, fluke
arcus, us, m
cervus, i, m
stag, deer
cornu, us, n
torreo, ere, ui, tostus
parch, roast
tergum, i, n
back, hide, rear
cadus, i, m
urn, jar
maereo, ere
mourn, grieve
partior, iri, itus
distribute, divide
aeger, gra, grum
sick, weary
frustrum, i, n
piece, part
daps, dapis, f
feast, banquet
veru, us, n
broach, spit, spike
aenum, i, n
bronze (kettle, vessel)
extrema, orum, n
final fate, death
ferina, ae, f
game, venison
eximo, ere, emi, emptus
take away, remove
old, former, ancient
requiro, ere, quisivi, quisitus
seek again, deplore
fulmen, fulminis, n
thunderbolt, lightning
iaceo, ere, ui, itus
nitens, entis
bright, shining
velivosus, a, um
winged with sails
dicio, ionis, f
power, rule, sway
fons, fontis
fountain, source
occasus, us, m
fall, destruction
rependo, ere, i, ensus
balance, compensate
proruptus, a, um
dashing, furious
adnuo, ere, ui, utus
nod assent, promise
libo (1)
taste, touch, pour
nata, ae, f
osculum, i, n
dainty lip, kiss
prodo, ere, didi, ditus
hand over, betray
subrideo, ere, risi
smile (at)
sator, oris, m
sower, begetter, father
arcanum, i, n
secret, mystery
contundo, ere, tudi, tusus
bruise, crush
promitto, ere, misi, missus
remordeo, ere, di, rsus
gnaw, trouble
subigo, ere, egi, actus
terni, ae, a
three, by threes
transeo, ire, ii, itus
pass (by)
until, as long as, while
fulvus, a, um
tawny, yellow
transfero, ferre, tuli, latus
partus, us, m
offspring, progeny
nutrix, icis, f
aetas, atis
age, time
astrum, i, n
star, constellation