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debeo, debere, debui, debitum
to owe
decorus, -a, -um
handsome, elegant
decurro, decurrere, decurri, decursum
to run down
decus, decoris
deduco, deducere, deduxi, deductum
to lead away
deficio, deficere, defeci, defectum
to fail, to be missing
degener, degeneris
then, next
delabor, delabi, delapsus
to fall into
deligo, deligere, delegi, delectum
to choose
delitesco, delitescere, delitui
to hide oneself
delubrum, delubri
(neuter) shrine, temple
demens, dementis
out of one's mind
demitto, demittere, demisi, demissum
to send down, to lower (262)
demo, demere, dempsi, demptum
to remove
demoror, demorari, demoratus
to detain, delay
at length
at length, finally
densus, -a, -um
depascor, depasci, depastus
to feed on, devour
depono, deponere, deposui, depositum
to put down, lay aside
desero, deserere, deserui, desertum
to desert
destino, destinare, destinavi, destinatum
to appoint, mark out
desuetus, -a, -um
disused, laid aside
desum, deesse, defui
to be missing
down from above
detineo, detinere, detinui, detentum
to keep back
devolvo, devolvere, devolvi, devolutum
to roll down
dextra, dextrae
(fem) right hand
diffugio, diffugere, diffugi
to flee in different directions
digero, digerere, digessi, digestum
to explain
dignus, -a, -um
worthy, deserved
digredior, digredi, digressus
to go away, depart
dilectus, -a, -um
diripio, diripere, diripui, direptum
to plunder
dirus, -a, -um
dreadful, terrible
discedo, discedere, discessi, discessum
to depart
disco, discere, didici
to learn
discors, discordis
disagreeing, at variance
disicio, disicere, disicieci, disiciectum
to scatter, dash in pieces
for a long time
divello, divellere, divulsi or divelli, divulsum
to tear apart
diversus, -a, -um
in different directions
dives, divitis
divido, dividere, divisi, divisum
to break through
dolor, doloris
(masc.) grief
dolus, doli
(masc.) deceit, trickery
dominor, dominari, dominatus
to be master, be ruler
domo, domare, domui, domitum
to subdue
draco, draconis
(masc.) serpent
dubius, -a, -um
doubtful, uncertain
ductor, ductoris
(masc.) leader
durus, -a, -um
harsh, tough, stubborn (479)
edax, edacis
devouring, consuming
edissero, edisserere, edisserui
to explain
educo, educere, eduxi, eductum
to raise, to build up
effero, efferre, extuli, elatum
to bring out, carry away, raise
effigies, effigiei
(fem.) image, statue
effor, effari, effatus
to speak out, utter
effugio, effugere, effugi
to flee away, escape
effugium, effugi
(neuter) escape
effulgeo, effulgere, effulsi
to shine forth
effundo, effundere, effudi, effusum
to pour forth
egeo, egere, egui
need (with ablative)
egredior, egredi, egressus
to go out
elabor, elabi, elapsus
to escape
emico, emicare, emicui, emicatum
to spring forth
emoveo, emovere, emovi, emotum
to move out
ensis, ensis
(masc.) sword
eo, ire, ivi or ii, itum
to go
for my part
equus, equi
(masc.) horse
eripio, eripere, eripui, eretum
to snatch away
erro, errare, erravi, erratum
to wander, roam
error, erroris
(masc.) deception
erubesco, erubescere, erubescui
to feel shame, respect
eruo, eruere, erui, erutum
to overthrow
even if, although
evado, evadere, evasi, evasum
to go out, escape, emerge (531)
evenio, evenire, eveni, eventum
to turn out
everto, everetere, everti, eversum
to overthrow
evinco, evincere, evici, evictum
to overcome completely
exardesco, exardescere, exardescarsi, exardescarsum
to blaze out
excedo, excedere, excessi, excessum
to go out, depart
excidium, excidii
(neuter) destruction, overthrow
excido, excidere, excidi, excisum
to cut out, destroy (637)
excido, excidere, excidi
to fall from
excindo, excindere, excidi, exscissum
to destroy, raze
excutio, excutere, excussi, excussum
to rouse, waken, shake off
exeo, exire, exii, exitum
to go out
exercitus, exercitus
(masc.) army
exhalo, exhalare, exhalavi, exhalatum
to breathe out
exigo, exigere, exegi, exactum
to drive out
exitialis, exitiale
destructive, fatal
exitium, exitii
(neuter) destruction
exitus, exitus
(masc.) departure, death
exoptatus, -a, -um
longed for
exorior, exoriri, exortus
to rise
expedio, e xpedire, expedii or expedivi, expeditum
to extricate
expendo, expendere, expendi, expensum
to pay for
experior, experiri, expertus
to try, put to the test
expleo, explere, explevi, expletum
to fill up, satisfy
explico, explicare, explicavi or explicui, explicatum
to unfold, set out
expromo, expromere, exprompsi, expromptum
to utter
exsanguis, -e
bloodless, pale
exsilium, exsilii
(neuter) exile
exspecto, exspectare, exspectavi, exspectatum
to wait for, long for (283)
exstinguo, exstinguere, exstinxi, exstinctum
to put an end to
exsulto, exsultare, exultavi, exsultatum
to leap up, exult
exsupero, exsuperare, exsuperavi, exsuperatum
to tower above
at once
(with accusative) outside
extremus, -a, -um
farthest, extreme, last
exuo, exuere, exui, exutum
to strip
exuviae, exuviarum
(fem. pl.) spoils, skin (473)
fabricator, fabricatoris
(masc.) builder, contriver
fabrico, fabricare, fabricavi, fabricatum
to construct, build
facies, faciei
(fem.) appearance, face
fallo, fallere, fefelli, falsum
to deceive, disappoint
falsus, -a, -um
fama, famae
(fem.) rumor, report
famulus, famuli
(masc.) servant, attendant
(neuter indecl. noun) right thing
fastigium, fastigii
(neuter) gable
fatalis, fatale
belonging to fate, fateful
fateor, fateri, fassus
to confess
fauces, faucium
(fem. pl.) jaws, throat
fax, facis
(fem.) torch, fire-ball
femineus, -a, -um
of a woman, female
fenestra, fenestrae
(fem.) window
ferio, ferire
to strike
ferrum, ferri
(neuter) iron, sword
from fero: they say (that)
ferus, -a, -um
fierce, cruel
ferus, feri
(masc.) beast
festus, -a, -um
fetus, -a, -um
fictus, -a, -um
false (107)
fides, fidei
(fem.) faith, reliance, proof (309)
fido, fidere, fisus sum
to put confidence in (with dative)
fiducia, fiduciae
(fem.) reliance, confidence
fidus, -a, -um
trustworthy, trusty
figo, figere, fixi, fixum
to fix, fasten
fingo, fingere, finxi, fictum
to form, make
fio, fieri, factus sum
to become, happen
firmo, firmare, firmavi, firmatum
to confirm, ratify
firmus, -a, -um
flagito, flagitare, flagitavi, flagitatum
to demand
flagro, flagrare, flagravi, flagratum
to blaze, burn
flamma, flammae
(fem.) flame
flecto, flectere, flexi, flectum
to bend, sway, influence
fleo, flere, flevi, fletum
to weep
fletus, fletus
(masc.) weeping, wailing
fluctus, fluctus
(masc.) wave
fluo, fluere, fluxi
to flow
foedo, foedare, foedavi, foedatum
to defil, pollute
fons, fontis
(masc.) spring, fountain
for, fari, fatus
to speak, say
foris, foris
(fem.) door
formido, formidinis
(fem.) fear, dread
fors, abl. forte
(fem.) chance
by chance
fortis, -e
fragor, fragoris
(masc.) crash
frango, frangere, fregi, fractum
to break
fremitus, fremitus
(masc.) roaring
fretum, freti
(neuter) strait
frons, frondis
(fem.) leafy bough
frux, frugis
(fem., usually pl.) produce of the earth
fugio, fugere, fugi
to flee
fulgeo, fulgere, fulsi
to glitter, shine
fulmen, fulminis
(neuter) thunderbolt, lightning
fulvus, -a, -um
fumo, fumare, fumavi, fumatum
to smoke
fumus, fumi
(masc.) smoke
fundamentum, fundamenti
(neuter) foundation
fundo, fundere, fudi, fusum
to pour, shed, rout (421)
fundus, fundi
(masc.) bottom
funis, funis
(masc.) rope
funus, funeris
(neuter) funeral, death
furio, furare, furavi, furatum
to madden, enrage
furo, fuerere, furui
to rage, rave
furor, furoris
(masc.) frenzy, rage
futurus, -a, -um
future participle of sum
galea, galeae
(fem.) helmet
gaza, gazae
(fem.) treasure
gelidus, -a, -um
geminus, -a, -um
gemitus, gemitus
(masc.) groan, gra=oaning
gener, generi
(masc.) son-in-law
genetrix, genetricis
(fem.) mother
gens, gentis
(fem.) nation, family
genus, generis
(neuter) kind, sort
gero, gerere, gessi, gestum
to bear, carry, wear
glomero, glomerare, glomeravi, glomeratum
to assemble
gloria, gloriae
(fem.) glory
gradus, gradus
(masc.) step, rung
gramen, graminis
(neuter) grass
grates (nom. and acc. pl. only)
(fem.) thanks
gratus, -a, -um
gravis, gravis
heavy, weighed down
heavily, deeply
gravo, gravare, gravavi, gravatum
to weigh down, oppress
gressus, gressus
(masc.) step
gurges, gurgitis
(masc.) whirlpool, swirling water
haereo, haerere, haesi, haesum
to stick, cling to
hasta, hasta
(fem.) spear
haurio, haurire, hausi, haustum
to drain, devour
hebeto, hebetare, hebetavi, hebetatum
to make dull (605)
hiems, hiemis
(fem.) storm, winter
from here, from this
homo, hominis
a person
horrendus, -a, -um
horreo, horrere, horrui
to shudder
horresco, horrescere
to begin to shudder
horror, horroris
(masc.) dread, horror
hortor, hortari, hortatus
to urge, encourage
hostia, hostiae
(fem.) sacrificial victim
to here
humus, humi
(fem.) ground
lovative: humi: on the ground