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Something put in place to induce action or motivate effort, is the chief element of the promotion, and is used to attract the consumer with a promise of reward.
Purchase cycle
The interval of time between acquisition and replacement of the same or a similar product in a routine manner.
Simplified selling
Allows the customer direct contact with the merchandise through self service.
Trial purchase
Of a new or improved product is the objective many sales promotion techniques.
A small quantity of a product to a consumer at no charge to coax a trial use.
In-store sampling
Samples are distributed in the retail environment.
On-packaging sampling
A trial size sample that is placed on a product or within another product.
Printed forms or vouchers that entitle the bearer to certain benefits, such as cash refund or a gift when redeemed.
Bounce back coupon
Food for redemption of the same product.
Cross-ruff coupon
Encourages the consumer to buy a different product manufactured by the same producer.
Instant coupon
A form placed on teh outside of a package to encourage the consumer to immediately redeem the coupon.
aka ad specialties are gifts or merchandise offered free or at reduced price as an inducement to buy something else.
Direct premiums
Attached or placed inside the promoted item and available immediately to the consumer upon purchase.
Mail in premiums
Require the consumer to send in a proof of purchase.
Self liquidating premiums
Require the consumer to pay for the cost of the premium.
or purchase with purchase program are incentives used by retailers to create immediate or limited time sales.
Consumers compete for a prize based on skill or ability; winners are determined by judges entries and determining the best match based on predetermined criteria
Winners are determined solely by chance and a proof of purchase is not required as a condition of entry.
Money given directly to the consumer at the point of purchase.
A price reduction given upon proof of purchase.
Bonus packs
Extra amounts of a product, given in addition to what is expected.
Price off deals
Reduce the price of the offered item, offering an immediate incentive to the consumer.
Reward programs
and frequent buying clubs reward frequent buyers for their purchases with incentives of money off coupons.
Deferred billing
Opportunity for the consumer to postpone or delay payment of a purchase.
Reseller support aka trade oriented sales promotion
Directed toward distribution intermediaries, including manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers to support the efforts of their resellers.
Buying allowance
A price reduction on merchandise from a specific vendor.
Promotional allowances
Incentives from manufacturers for performing certain promotional activities to support their brand or product.
Slotting allowances
Aka stocking allowances, introductor allowances, or street money. Fees paid to retailers to provide a position or slot to accomodate new product.
Incentive programs
Motivational tools generally designed to increase sales productivity of sales associates at the retail level.
Point of purchase (POP)materials
Merchandise presentations of products at the point where the sale is made, i.e. checkout line or a jewelry counter.