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What are some characteristics of advertising?
paid for by a sponsor
form of mass selling
presells a good/service
communication tool
keeps consumers up to date
any message in mass media that informs people about goods/services and is paid for by an identified sponsor
various systems that deliver messages of advertising
types of media
prins, broadcast, visual, internet
how does advertising contribute to the success of a business?
tells people about business and about whats being sold, builds consumer confidence and good will, tells what merchandise/service will do for customer, attracts new customers and keeps past customers loyal, increases sales and reduces expenses
How do you determind if a message is an advertisment?
1. is it paid for?
2. does it appear in mass media?
3. is its intent to inform of a good/service?
evaluates public attitudes toward a firm
public relations
faith and confidence which causes customers to want to do business again and again
possible path of a product in the marketing process
channel of distribution
the flow of goods and services from the point of production to the final person/place where those goods/services are used
covers three major components of what a seller may have to offer
types of products
covers all seller-initiated efforts to communicate with potential customers
what are the four major types of promotion
advertising, personal selling, display, publicity
effective adversiting should ? the cost of products to the consumer
what is a target market?
group of people to whom an advertisement message is directed
how can a target marget be segmented?
age, gender, interests, location, occupation
"idea" people - write/illustrate the message and design the ad
advertising creator
discover the most effecient media for a given firm to advertise
media research