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nouns are people, places, things and ideas. Proper nouns are specific nouns and always start with a capital letter.
pronouns replace nouns. All pronouns have antecedents. Antecedants are the nouns the pronouns replace.
verbs are words that express action or condition. Action verbs tell what a noun is doing. A linking verb tells what a noun is (is, are, was, were, seem, become). HElping verbs have two or more words, such as is going, should have been done, will be talking.
adjectives describe nouns. There are three article adjectives; a, an, and the. Pronouns can be used as adjectives when they come before the noun ( that, this, their,). adjectives that end with -ly such as friendly and ugly.
adverbs describe acctions or descriptions.
prepositions tell in what position a noun or pro noun is (in, on, under, beside, below, to, at, by, like, of, over, since, with). they are always found in prepostional phrases. A P.P. is made up of a prep. and the (pro)noun that comes after it ( at the mall, under the table, with Mrs. B, of mine)
conjunctions comnnect words, groups of wrods, or sentences. Two types. First: coordinating conjunctions (fanboys) F-or, A-nd,N-or, B-ut, O-r, Y-et, S-o. Second: correlative, made up of two or more words (both and, either or, nither nor,not only but also, and wheter or)
words that show strong emotions (YAY!)followed by an exclamation point or comma. BUT normally stand alone.