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Special events
Planned activities intended to encourage individuals or groups to gather at a specific time and place because of shared interest.
Museum exhibit
A presentation of fashion items in an interpretive setting at a museum.
Gallery exhibit
A presentation of fashion items in an artistic setting at a gallery.
Institutional events
Planned to bring attention to the company.
In-store exhibits
Special presentations of fashion items in a retail setting are used to entice regular and new customers into a shop.
Musical performances
Entertainment presentation hosted by a retailer or manufacturer.
Anniversary celebrations
Special events used by companies to bring attention to their longevity in the community.
Merchandise events
Planned to influence the sale of goods.
Store openings
Celebrations that introduce customers to a new merchant.
Celebrity appearnace
Featuring an individual from inside or outside the fashion industry to promote a product or designer line, is a common special event.
Product launches
Planned to set in motion the promotion and sale of new products such as the new line of sleepwear.
Vendor or category weekds
Special events that feature a merchandise category or brnad.
Product demonstrations
Illustrate how consumers can use merchandise, are simple yet effective special events orchestrated to promote new or improved products.
Feasibility study
A survey to determine if the plan has potential to be successful.
Essential expenditures
Expenses that are primary or necessary to produce the event.
Optional expenses
Expenses that are not necessary to an event.
Event sponsorship
Involves a compnay supporting an event through monetary and/or in kind contributions as a way to meet one or more of its corporate objectives.