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bridge or juncture btw successive stages (such as courtship)
Normative Crisis
Period of rapid change and or turmoil that strains a person's adaptive capacity (ex. pregnancy and childbirth)
period of consolidation of skills and capacities (ex. mature adulthood)
period of developmental stability (adulthood up to midlife)
Rite of Passage
Social ritual that facilitates a transition (graduation)
temporary retrograde vector in development, revival of childlike behavior in response to stress (midlife crisis)
Intamacy vs Isolation (Erikson)
-20 to 35
-learn to make personal commitment to another as a spouse or partner
Generativity vs Stagnation (Erikson)
-35 to 65
-seeks satisfaction through productivity in career, family, and civic interests
Ego Integrity vs Despair (Erikson)
-65 to death
-reviews life accomplishments, deals with loss and prepares for death
Colarusso's tasks of young adulthood
-develop adult friendships
-become a spouse
-become a parent
-establish an adult work identity
-develop adult forms of play
-pair identity
-usually progresses to marriage
Marriage (current trends)
-inc in median age of first marriage in men and women since 1950
-liklihood of a marriage ending in divorce is rising
What are four common marital crisis points?
-empty nest syndrome
Midlife Transition
-signs of physical aging
-sandwiched by repsonsibilities to children and parents
-"tragic" awareness replaces romanticism
-midlife crisis
-defn=loss of a person to whom one has been atached
-over idealizing
-detachment from the lost person