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What is restrictive lung dz?
Can't get air in, Caused by a decrease in the amt of air that lungs can hold, "stiff lungs reduce ability to expand w/inhalation. FEV1/FVC increased or normal
Causes of Restrictive lung dz?
Pleural, Alveolar, Interstitial, Neurmuscular, Thoracic cage.
Causes of Restrictive lung dz Pleural;
Dzs of the pleura that restrict lung expansion & decrease lung volume (pleural effusions or pleural thickening)
Causes of Restrictive lung dz Alveolar;
Dzs of aveolar spaces that prevent air from filling those spaces (pneumonia, CA & pulmonary edema)
Causes of Restrictive lung dz Interstitial;
Dzs contracting the space in the lung parenchyma between the alveoli (interstitium) reducing lung volumes (sarcoidosis, pulmonary fibrosis, silicosis & pneumoconiosis)
Causes of Restrictive lung dz Neuromuscular;
Normal lung parenchymia w/a inability to take a deep breath (diaphragmatic paralysis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, myasthenia gravis & amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
Causes of Restrictive lung dz Throacic cage;
Skeletal abnormalities w/normal lungs (kyphoscoliosis, obesity)
What is Obstructive lung dz?
Air can't get out, Decrease in the amt of air expired from the lungs, Caused by narrowing or blockage of the airways. FEV1/FVC decreased
(Causes of Obstructive Lung Disease) Mechanical obstruction of the airways;
Foreign body, Tumor, Chronic mucus plugging in Chronic bronchitis.
(Causes of Obstructive Lung Disease) Increased resistance in the airways;
Airway thickening from inflammation in chronic bronchitis.
(Causes of Obstructive Lung Disease) Increased tendency for airway closure;
A component of asthma & emphysema.