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What is the diagnostic test for Diabetes?
Fasting Blood Glucose
Which diagnostic test for diabetes is used with pregnant women?
Oral glucose tolerance test
What are you looking for in a urine test with diabetes?
Ketones, Renal function, and Glucose
What diagnostic test determines if the Diabetes is Type 1 or Type 2?
What is the most common complication of diabetes?
Cardiovascular Disease
What vision changes are expected with hypo/hyperglycemia?
Hypo-double vision
Hyper-Blurred vision
What eye and vision complication is common with Diabetics?
Retinopathy-nonproliferative and proliferative
What is the difference between nonproliferative and proliferative retinopathy?
nonproliferative has poor circulation and fatty deposits
proliferative has growth of new vessels that are thin and bleed easily
What is diabetic neuropathy?
Progressive deterioration of nerves resulting in loss of nerve function
Develops into generalized weakness
S&S- dysphagia, heartburn, constipation
What is diabetic nephropathy?
decreased kidney function leading to renal disease
What are the parameters of diabetic ketoacidosis?
1. hyperosmolarity
2. metabolic acidosis
3. extracellular dehydration
4. electrolyte imbalance
What are the symptoms of DKA?
Polyuria, Polydypsia, Polyphagia