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é - goose
qū - to tilt
xiàng - neck
工 [[gōng]] labor, work; worker, laborer
页 [yè] page, sheet, leaf; rad. no. 181
xiàng - toward
口 [[kǒu]] mouth; open end; entrance, gate
gē - song, lyrics
哥 [gē] elder brother
欠 [qiàn, quē] owe, lack, be deficient;
欠 (lack) suggest the meaning while 可 provides the sound.
bái máo - white feathers
fú - to float
氵 water; radical number 85
孚 [fú, fū] brood over eggs; have confidence
lǜ - green
shuǐ - water
hóng - red
zhǎng - palm of hand, sole of foot, paw
bō - to strike
qīng - clear, pure, clean
bō - waves
皮 [[pí]] skin, hide, fur, feather; outer
氵 (water) suggests the meaning while 皮 provides the sound.