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Mnemonic for the adrenergic stimulators?
PPagon OXes CloneD RATs CoMMing to EAT FooD: Phenylephrine, Pseudoephedrine, Oxymetazoline, Xylometazoline, Clonidine (& Methyldopa), Dobutamine, Ritrodine, Albuterol, Terbutaline, Cocaine, Meth-ylphenidate & -amphetamine, Ephedrine, Amphetamine, Tyramine, Fenodolpam, Dopamine
Which drugs act indirectly on adrenergic receptors?
Tyramine & Amphetamine incr the release of NE while Cocaine inhibits reuptake.
Which drugs inhibit the indirect adrenergic stimulators ONLY?
Reserpine, Metyrosine & Guanethidine inhibit release of NE so that there's no NE to act on.
How do catecholamines effect Alpha receptors?
Epi > NE >> Isoproterenol
All 3 stimulate the Alpha-1 Gq receptor to make IP3 + DAG -> Ca++; while Alpha-2 Gi decreases cAMP & hyperpolarize
What is the prototype Alpha-1 selective agonist and what does it do?
Phenylephrine: vasoconstriction of BVs & nasal mucosa; mydriasis (dilation); contract GI & GU sphincters, pilomotors & prostate; relax GI SMC; ^glycogenolysis
What is the prototype Alpha-2 drug and its actions?
Clonidine: decr insulin release (hyepglycemia), BP, GI SM tone; ^platelet aggregation
How do the catecholamines effect the Beta receptors?
B1: Iso > Epi = NE
B2: Iso > Epi >> NE (no effect)
B3: Iso = NE > Epi
All 3 stimulate Gs receptor -> ^cAMP
What is the prototype Beta-1 drug?
Dobutamine: incr force and rate of heart contractions (HR & inotropicity); ^AV conduction velocity; ^renin from kidneys; = ^BP, CO & O2 use by heart
What is the prototype Beta-2 drug?
Albuterol: reduced Beta-1 heart effects; relax respir(-asthma), uterus, GI, BVs of muscle; ^K+ (hypopolarize); ^glycogenolysis
What do Beta-3 receptors control?
Beta-3 receptors increase lipolysis.