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Name all of the adrenergic receptors:
beta 1
beta 2
alpha 1
alpha 2
Stimulation of beta 1 receptors:
-Heart: increase HR, force of contraction, automaticity
-Kidney: increase renin release
Stimulation of beta 2 receptors:
-Bronchioles: bronchodilation
-Pregnant uterus: relaxation (stops pre-term labor)
-Blood vessels: vasodilation (increases blood to the heart, brain, and skeletal muscles)
Stimulation of alpha 1 receptors:
-Blood vessels: vasoconstriction (increases BP, decongestant effect)
-Intestinal smooth muscle: relaxation
-Pregnant uterus: uterine contraction
-Liver: glycogenolysis, gluconeogenesis (increases blood glucose)
Stimulation of alpha 2 receptors:
-Pancreatic beta cells: inhibit insulin secretion
-Vascular smooth muscle: vasoconstriction
-Nerve endings: inhibit release of norepi. (does not produce sympathetic response)