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Rule on minor consent (general)
Minors needs adult consent.
Age of consent in California
Age of majority is 18 in California
Minor status exceptions
armed forces
emanicipated by court
>or=to 15 but living alone and managing own financial affairs
Care that minors can consent to in Californi
pregnancy related,HIV couseling and tsting, outpatient mental health services, ...
Consensual sex intercourse is NOT considered child abuse when;
both parties are 16 or older; both parties are under 14
What is statutory rape?
Sexual intercourse with a minor under age 18 who is not soupse of perpetrator, regardless of age of perpetrator or minor.
Is statutory rape mandated report?
A 15yr old male comes in for STD checkup. Can you treat his asthma?
Not unless emancipated.
A 15yr old come in w/her baby. Can she consent for her own shots?
Only depo. Not tetanus.