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Plan for the observation of behavior.
Group of people experiencing an event in common
Birth cohort
Group of people who share a common birth year.
Situation n research in which the influence of one variable on behavior cannot be separated from the influence of another variable on behavior.
Longitudinal design
Design in which the same group of people is studied repeatedly.
Panel design
Another term used to label a longitudinal design.
Cross-sectional design
Design in which people of different ages are studied at one time of measurement.
Time-lag design
Design in which people of the same age are studied at different time in history.
General developmental model
Conception guiding the design of developmental research which invloves the idea that designs must unconfound variation associated with age, time of measurement, and cohort.
Many variables.
Sequential designs
Designs in which cross-sectional samples are studied longitudinally.
Ethical standards
Principles for the humane, caring, and responsible treatment of participants in research.