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1st thing to do before creating a strategy
dialog with employees- this reduces stress & anxiety
what should u not do if things are going bad?
play the blame game- it does not good
fostering an environment of "job ownership"
employees care so much about their work, they are so invested in it that they will do whatever it takes to get the job done
higher purpose
make a contribution, serve others & feel like they are apart of something larger than themselves
emotional/intellectual bonding
people care deeply about one another, strong allegiances & sense of togetherness
not easily defined but people know it when they have it & when they don't, built on honest interpersonal relationships
pride in one's work
be the best they can be, provide superior quality services, when things go wrong they want to fix them
respect for diversity
promote women/minorities, develop policies/procedures to increase gender diversity & sponsor celebrations of racial, gender, ethnic, religious differences
recognition program
acknowledging the worth/value of employee work/contributions, employee of the month programs
harassment & hostile-free
sexual/non-sexual harassment, dating policies
Hiring qualified people
if possible hire from within, conduct a non-discriminatory interview... based on qualifications, education, work experience & accomplishments, have a legally sound disciplinary/termination process
professional development & promotion
skill-based pay, pay-for-performance (PFP), bonuses, gain-sharing plans, symbolic rewards
staff appraisals, annual performance evals, graphic rating scales, behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS), critical incidents & management-by-objectives (MBO)
organizations/people must change & adapt...adaptation, innovation & experimentation- how they evolve to meet changing conditions... infuse with new people, ideas & ways of doing things