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What is the term SUPPLY SYSTEM used to describe?
The integrated activity of the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUPSYSCOM) and the Defense Logistics Agency
What will a SH be involved with?
The daily operation of the retail and service activities afloat or ashort.
When the Navy/DLA system become integrated?
When the critically important supply requirements became to big for 1 organization.
What is the twofold mission of the Navy/DLA supply system?
1st: provide responsive support to operating forces
2nd: must achieve optimum economy
What organization is assigned managment responsibilty and control of items in common use by all military servics?
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Supply System
Where are the DLA headquarters located?
Fort Belvoir, Virginia
How are the line items in the integrated Navy Supply System/ DLA identified?
By a number 9 preceding the alphabetic cognizance symbol
What is the basic function of each Defense Supply Center (DSCs)?
Inventory control, Item management, and supply chain integration
What is supplied by the DSC- Philadeplhia (DSC-P)?
Food items, medical supplies? and clothing
What is supplied by the Defense Energy Support Center (DESC), Ft. Belvoir, VA?
Bulk petroleum and bulk petroleum- based chemicals
what is supplied by DSC- Columbus
electronic and electrical equipment, repair parts, structraul materials and equipment, vehicle and automobile components
what is supplied by Defense Industrial Supply Center (DISC), Philadelphia
industrial type items (i.e bearings, rope wire, and sheet metal)
what is supplied by DSC Richmond, Va
aviation consumable material, aircraft launch and recovery equipment, aircraft landing gear, furniture, food prep equipment, recreation equipment, packaged petroleum, office and cleaning supplies
what supply management functions are DSCs responsible for
cataloging, standardizing, determining requirements, procurement, inspection and utility control, storage, (re)distribution, disposal, transportation scheduling, maintenance and manufacturing guidance, and mobilization planning
what center controls the wholesale distribution for each of the four military services
the Defense Distrubution Centers (DDC)
what facilities are operated as Defense Depots
locoal military facilities that are best suited to meet the requirements of all the military branches located in that area as well as overseas
what is ensured by maximum use of the Defense Transportation System (DTS)
material is moved efficiently and can be tracked by the customer thru the Joint Total Asset Visibility (JTAV) program, managed by the Air Force
when is stock considered to be wholesale stock
as long as the item remains under direct control and ownership of DDC
when does stock become retail stock
once stock is distributed, and the military service that recieves it assumes custody
whis is a Distribution Depot
a storage point for DLA material
how is the issue of material from a Distribution Depot centrally controlled
by the cognizant DSC and is based on requistions recieved and processed centrally by the DSC
where does the management part of the Navy Supply System organization begin
with the assistant Secretary of the Navy
who is responsible for planning and determining the material support needs of the operating forces
the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)
who is responsible for planning and determining the material support needs to the Navy and Marine Corp
the Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command (COMNAVSUPSYSCOM)
what organization provides management policies and technical guidance for naval material to activities of the Navy and Marine Corps
what supply system administers the Navy Working Capitol Fund and the Navy Exchange Program
what sources does the Navy supply system use for determining the requirements for replenishing materials
the COSAL and stock record files
how is most procurement action aboard ship done
what functions are included in the procurement process
material specifications, standardizing, cataloging, identifying and inspecting materials, investigating cost, and assigning priorities
what two types of activities make up the Navy's distribution system
1: activities in which the primary mission is supply
2: activities that are components of systems other than NAVSUP
what is the primary mission of the major actvitiy, the FISC
direct, waterfront supply
what are Navy inventory managers
organization elements that have the primary responsibilty for the management of assigned groups or classes of supply items
what is the primary duty of a Navy inventory manager
to make sure there is a balance between requirements and assets
what do Navy inventory managers include
systems commands, project managers, bureaus, offices and ICPs
what is the responsibility of the Navy Inventory Control Point (NAVICP)
for primary inventory of the Navy-owned material and the primary claimany activity under the NAVSUPSYSCOM
where is ther NAVICP located
in both Philadelphia and Mechanicsburg, Pa
what is the responisibilty of the Navy Fleet Material Support Office (FMSO)
as NAVSUPSYSCOMs primary Computer Design Agency (CDA), it is responsible for administering the computer systems used in inventory management
what is included in the responsbilities of inventory control managers
computes requirements and their costs, procurement and disposal actions, (re)positioning of materials, develop a worldwide inventory database
what two activities are assigned specific inventory management responsibilities
1:Naval Publications and Forms Directorate, Philadelphia, Pa;
2: Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) Va Beach, Va
how can you identify the inventory manager for any stock item
by the cognizant symbol for that manager
where can you find a current list of cognizance symbols and their associated responsible inventory managers
NAVSUPSYSCOM Manual, Volume 2 and Afloat Supply Procedures, NAVSUP P-485
why have FISCs been established
they are command organizations for the centralized administration of various types of supply activities
what is furnished by FISC
balanced support to fleet units, shore activities, transient ships, and overseas bases
who exercises military command and coordination control of the FISC located in each major fleet concentration area as well as overseas
the commanding officers at the centers, but primailysupport responsibilty is exercised by NAVSUP
what department of FISC will an SH deal with
inventory control and material department
what is the purpose of the inventory control department
to determine material requirements, inventroy assigned materials control recipts, and conducts procurement operations
what is the function of the requirements division of the inventory control department
maintain levels of activity stocks and stock records, provides status info, screens and analyzes supply, documents
what division of the inventory control department monitors all documentation and procedures necessary for the promp receipt of materials
receipt control division
what is the function of the technical division of the inventory control department
maintains the library used to identify materials
what division of the inventory control department determines the methods for purchasing material and purchase of supplies and equipment from civilians
purchase division
what is provided by the customer services division of the inventory control department
liaisonfor fleet and shore customers on material and service requirements when the volume is to great for the requirements division alone
what is the function of the material department
plans and directs the storage, maintenance, issue and disposal of materials. also plans and directs the receiving, shipping, and shipment control operations
what division of the material department determines and maintains proper storage conditions and locations for materials
storage division
what division of the material department operates disposal, scrap, and salvage yards
disposal division
what division of the material department packs and marks materials for domestic or overseas shipments
packing and preserving division
what division of the material department determines and maintain proper storage conditions and locations for materials
cold storage division, when established
what division of the material department operates shop, ready supply, and self-serve stores
retail stores division
what is the purpose of the combat logistics forces (CFLs)
to keep the fleet supplied with food, fuel, general stores, repair parts, and ammunition
what term refers to all methods of transferring fuel, munitions, supplies, and personnel from one ship to another while underway
UNREP, underway replenishment
how is underway replenishment performed
by either a connected or vertical method, or a combo of both
how is connected replenishment (CONREP) performed
by using lines rigged between ships to transfer personnel or supplies
how is the vertical replenishment (VERTREP) performed
it uses helicopters to transfer cargo and personnel (excep fuel)
what is the transfer of cargo underway called
replenishment at sea (RAS)
what is the role of combat store ships (T-AFS)
they carry general stores, ships repair parts, electronic and aviation repair parts, food items, and ship store stocks
what is the role of oilers (AO/T-AO)
they carry Navy fuel oil and other petroleum products
what is the role of ammunition ships (T-AE)
they operate with replenishment groups and deliever ammunition to ships
what is the role of fast combat support ships (AOE)
they carry multiple products and can transfer ammunition, fuel, general and refrigerated cargo, to other ships at sea
what is the central management office for the Navy Exchange System
NEXCOM (Navy Exchange Service Command)
what is provided by NEXCOM
technical guidane, policies and procedures, management and acquistion support, and overall assistance to retail systems
thru NEXCOM, what will an SH deal with
Ship Store Program (Code A)
what is the mission of NEXCOM
support for resale services and clothing afloat and ashore, conduct clothing and textile research and development and other services
what is the primary purpose of NEXCOMs ships store program division
to furnish technical direction and guidance for the design of the Navy's ship store facilities and to assist type commanders in managing operations
what three branches of the ship store program should an SH be aware of
1: Operations brance (Code A-1)
2: Fleet Assistance Branch (Code A-2)
3: Fleet Habitablity Assistance Branch (Code A-3)
what is provided by the Operations branch (Code A-1)
guidance in design of the ships store spaces and equipment
which NEXCOM branch is responsible for amdinistration of Ships Store Profits, Navy, General Fund
Operations branch (Code A-1)
what is the mission of the Fleet Assistance Branch (Code A-2)
to provide technical assistance and guidance to forces afloat and methods for improving the performance of ships store operations
what personnel make up the fleet assistance branch (Code A-2)
Master, Senior, and CPO that are stationed in various major naval ports, both CONUS and OCONUS
what is provided by the fleet assistance team
technical guidance and training in all phases of the ships store operations; recommendations for changes to policies and procedures; technical expertise and assistance in the operation of the ships ROM II system
what is provided by the fleey habitability assistance branch
both technical and procedural guidance in the operations of ship board laundries, barber shops, dry cleaning services, self serve laundry and consulting services regarding to the layout of these spaces
what personnel make up the staff of the fleet habitability assistance branch
civilian laundry specialists, an architecchural technicial, and senior military personnel
what is provided by the staff of the fleet habitablility assistance branch
on-site evaluation, training of assigned personnel, and consulting services, to meet the needs identified by individual ships
what functions associated with ship's store operations are performed by the Defense Finance and accounting Services (DFAS)
Auditing returns, maintaining and reconsiling documents for receipt from purchase and receipts from other supply officers, reconciling cash reported in returns, and paying dealer's bills
what are the two functions the supply department afloat can be broken down into
material support and service
what is the oevrall mission of the supply department afloat
to support material and service needs of the ship
what must supply do to obtain its overall mission
procures, recieves, inspect, stores, issues and accounts for general stores repair parts, equipage, eqipment, ship's store stock, and subsistence items
who is the head of the supply department
the supply office
who is the supply office aboard ship
the senior Supply Corps officer
what is the responsibily of the supply officer
to the commanding officer for the performance and admin of all supply functions
what is identified in the organizational chart that the supply officer prepares
all the essential functions within the supply department and defines channels of responsibilty and authority
where is the organization chart normally located
in the supply office
when is the organization chart updated
as personnel are rotated
who may the accountability for the ship's store and other areas of supply be assigned to
a subordinate Supply Corps officer
how does the supply officer assign responsibility
by written request routed to the commanding officer for approval
what responsibilities are the subordinate Supply Corps Officer responsible to the supply officer for
the efficient operation of the assigned areas of responsibility as required by the governing NAVSUP publication
what personnel make up the S-3 division, known as the Sales and Services Division
personnel from the Ship Serviceman (SH) rating
what is the function of the SH
operate and maintain all resale and service activities; determine requirements for ships store stock and operating supplies; prepare requisitions and purchase orders; recieve, store, and issue stock; conduct inventory; operate ROM II system micro-computer; and maintain related reords and files
what do material support functions relate to
the operational and maintenance requirements
aboard an aircraft carrier, who acats as the assistant to the supply officer in the proper operation of the division that performs material support
the Principal Assistant of Logistics (PAL)
which division reports directly to the PAL
stock control, aviation stores, general store/materials , customer service, postal, and hazardous material
on an aircraft carrier, who acts as the assistant to the supply officer in the proper operation of the divisions that performs services
the Principle Assistant of Services (PAS)
which divisions report directly to the PAS
food service, sales and services, disbursing, wardroom, and the CPO mess
who is assigned by the SUPPO as the Ships Store Officer in the S-3 Division Organization
a Supply Corps Offier
what is the mission of the Sales and Services Division
to provide services to the crew, but, most importanly, to promote good moral
operation of the Resale Operations Management II (ROM II) is included under what function of the Sales and Service Division
record and returns
the operation of retail stores, vending machines, and cash registers are under what function of the Sales and Service Division
sales outlets function
barbershops, laundry, and dry-cleaning services are included under what function of the Sales and Service Division
service activity functions
what is the central location in the management of S-3 Division
trhe sales office
why should the office be properly secured at night
all gear and supplies should be secured and stored to prevent damage to equipment or injuries to personnel from flying objects should the ship encounter bad weather
when planning an office layout, how should desks be placed
so that those who owrk at them will have enough light but no be facing the light. and so that those who work at them will be in a position to see a visitor
how should chairs in an office be adjusted
so that the typists' feet rest firmly on the floor and chair seats are 12" below he base of the keyboard
where should the file cabinets in an office be placed
close to the person that has to use them but out of the way of traffic
if you are unfamiliar with any office equipment, what should you do
read the users manual, then ask a supervisor
what does general office maintance include
plastic covers to prevent dust, dont eat/drink or smoke near equipment, turning equipment off, securing equipment
generally what are the three principal components of a computer
a keyboard, central processing unit (CPU), and a monitor
what will happen if the ships store officer is without the ROM II files
(S)He would be unable to keep track of important of important documents and transactions and would encounter problems when preparing the financial returns
what does the Sales Officer Accountability Files contain
the ROM backup tapes, the NAVCOMP form 153 Accountable Offive (AO) files, the ROM Security Access Rights List and Security Provisions for entry into the operating systems database
where will the Ship's Store Working Files WF-1 thru WF-5 be established and maintained
in the sales office, and the records keeper will provide the file to the person assigned to the specific job when required
what does the WF-1 Recceipt Inspector File contain
one copy of each outstanding purchase order and requistion to be used by the receipt inspector in the receipt of the material
after the completion of the receipt of material, where will the copy of the WF-1 file be moved
the the B01 AO file
what does the WF-2 Bulk Custodian File contain
one copy of each outstanding purchase order and requisition to be used by the bulk storeroom custodian in the receipt of the material
what does the the WF-3 Correspondence File contain
letters of assignment from the sales officer to the cash collections agent and copies of correspondence from military and commercial activites
what does the WF-4 Credit Memo and Cash Refund File contain
a copy of each DD From 1149 and related credit memorandum and correspondence, which has not been liquidated
what are the two files each line items will have to document the NAVCOMPT Form 153 caption lines
1: the Accountable Officer (AO) file
2: the Records Keeper (RK) file
who will hold the AO files
the ships store officer, and it will be used to send documents to DFAS
who will maintain the RK files
the records keeper, and these files will be used to document the figures on the NAVCOMPT Form 153 and to assemble the retained returned
what are the B01 files and what do they contain
receipts from purchases; documents that substantiate reciept from a commercial source and credit memorandum that has been liquidater
how many purchase orders can be maintained in one folder in a B01 file
10 purchase orders per file
how long will the folders in a B01 file be maintained on board
2 years
what is the B05 files
receipts from OSO
how long will the B05 file be maintained
for a complete fiscal year
what is the B10 file
issue to other appropriation
what does the B10 file contain
documents that substantiate issues for health and comfort, general mess, OPTAR, Marine Corps personnel, survivors or marine and aircraft disasters, merchant ships in distress, burial of the dead
what is the B12 file
issues with reimbursement (bulk sales)
what does the B12 file contain
documents that substantiate the liquidation of bulk sales
what does the B14 file contain
the loss/gain by inventory report
what does the B15 file contain
documents that substantiate the survey charged against the NWCF
what does the B19 file contain
documents that substantiate the transfer of merchandise to other supply officers
what does the B21 file contain
the ROM II generated B21 costs of sales retail report
what does the B22 file contain
the ROM II generated B22 report that shows all costs of operation
what does the B23 file contain
Form 200; document that substantiates the surveys charged against the ships store profits, except vending machine items
what does the B25 file contain
the ROM II generated B25 file cost of sales- drink vending report
what does the B26 file contain
the ROM II generated B26 file cost of operation- drink vending report
what does the B27 file contain
Form 200; documents that substantiate the surveys of canned drink vending machine itmes charged against ships store profits
what is the B28 file called and what does it conatin
closing inventory; inventory count report, discrepancy list, profitability reports, and items scanned not found reports
what is the C02/C03/C04 file and what does it contain
cash collected file; documents that substantiate the cash collected from all retail activities
what is the C05 file and what does it contain
loans; the letter authorizing a NEXCOM loan
what is the C06 file and what does it contain
grants; the letter authorizing a NEXCOM grant
what is the C13 file and what does it contain
laundry claims and other services; documents that substantiate laundry claims; service charges for repairs to equipment, and/or laundry service charges
what is the C18 file and what does it contain
equipment purchase; documents that substantiate equipment and or modernization purchases as a direct charge to the ships store profits
what is the C19 file and what does it contain
disbursement to amusement machine contractor; SF 1034 that substantiates the funds transferred to the recreation fund
what does the RR-1 breakout dicument file contain
the signed original NAVSUP 973 and the ROM final breakout form
what does the RR-2 ships store management report file contain
a copy of the monthly report sent to the commanding officer
what is the purpose of the purchase order log
it is used to record purchases of ship store stock from commercial vendors
at teh time of the purchase what should be recorded into the purchase order log
the date, purchase order number, the source, and the appx $ value
what series of serial # are used in the purchase order log
what is provided by the requistion log
a record of all requisitions
what series of serial numbers are assigned to the requistions log
how is a series of numbers to be used as expenditures serial numbers assigned
they are assigned by the SUPPO and are entered into ROM II
what is provided by the car seal number log
a record of the car seal number when the car seal is being used
who is responsible for keeping the car seal number log
the sales officer or a designated assistant
what is the most important aspect in both supply department
who is responsible for the security of then entire supply department
the supply officer
who is responsible for security of each space in the supply department
the person in charge
how is permission for entry of unauthorized personnel into a supply department space obtained
from the supply officer or designated assistant
what will be maintained to identify the holder of each key in the supply department
a key log
where are the combos to keyless locks recorded
as prescribed in the NAVSUP P-487
why is security of the supply office important
because of all the keys, files and records kept there
why should the supply office be sercured at night
not only to prevent unauthorized entry but also to prevent to the disapperance of important documents
how are keys to the supply office issued
only to individual specified but the supply officer
who is responsible for making sure the office is secured after hours
the duty supply officer
who is the duty supply officer
an officer or a senior petty officer representing the supply department after normal working hours
what makes up the group I spaces that the supply department is made of. how must they be secured
general store spaces including storerooms, special lockers. they must be locked by its own lock whose key cannot open any other lock
when will the original key to group I spaces be obtained
at the beginning of the workday or shift by the workspace supervisor
who has custody of all master keys to group I spaces
the supply officer
what does group II spaces of the supply department include
all food spaces including galley, bakeshop, bread room, meat prep area, veggi prep area issue room, refridgerated spaces, and food service storerooms
how are the group II keys handeled
in the same manner as group I execpt they will be passed down after each shift
makes up the group III spaces that the supply department is made of
the ships sell or stow resale merchandise, such as the ships store, vending machine, and bulk storerooms
what kind of lock should be installed on all doors leading to group III spaces
dead bolt locks or a high security key padlock or a high security hasp
who hold sthe working keys to locks on group III spaces
the responsible custodian
what does the responsible custodian of group III keys do with them at at the end of the day
secure them in a separate key locker located in the sales office
why are duplicate keys kept for group III spaces
for emergency purposes or when required by higher authority
how are duplicate keys handled
they will placed in a sealed envelope signed and dated by the sales officer and responsible custodian and will be kept in the sales officers safe
when will the envelope containing the duplicate keys be changed
when the sales officer or the responsible custodian is relieved
what type of lock will be used in addition to dead bolt locks for group III spaces
keyless combo lock listed in the NAVSUP P487
what will also be used if the key type padlock is used in group III spaces
a numbered car seal
who will set a combo in the keyless combo lock
the responsible custodian
where should a written record of the combo to a keyless combo lock be kept
in a opaque letter sized envelope along with the "setting-in-key". then envelope is then signed sealed and placed intot he ships store officer safe
how often should the combo of a keyless padlock to a group III space be changed
when the ships store officer or the responsible custodian is relieved or every 6 months
how should hinges and hasps on group III spaces be manufactured
of hard steel that cannot be cut with a bolt cutter or hacksaw
when the hasp is installed on group III spaces, what type of bolt should be used
tamper-proof bolts
how should hinges be installed on group III spaces
so that the hinge will not be exposed; exposed hinges should be tack welded so they cannot be removed
how should the perimeter of the frame on removable sales window be secured
by a lock on the inside
who will have possesion of the keys to the inside locks of removable windows
the retail store operator
what should storerooms that are visible from the outside have for security purposes
well lit adjacent passageways
where should high cost, small cube items be stored
they should be consolidated out of sight in the retail store
what should you do before securing ships store spaces for the day
inspect your display cases, windows, doors, stock rooms, and merchandise and remove all valuable items
what should be done first if circumstances warrant reentering group III spaces after working hours
first obtain permission from the ships store officer
why is the use of car seals recommended in the ships store
it will alert the ships store officer of unauthorized entry
why are vending machines aboard ships, which are group II spaces, secured a little differently
because the funds do not have a custodian watching them all the time
how do vending machines need to be secured
on both the inside and outside
what will lock the inside vending machine secure
the money box and may be either a keyless or key-type padlock
who keeps the combo or the key to the inside lock of the vending machine
the ships store officer or the cash collections agent
what type of lock will most vending machines have on the outside
an installed lock
along with the installed lock what other type of lock should be installed
a hasp or hinge secured with a combo lock
what are many ships store officers installing in their vending machines for security purposes
self locking money boxes
why are the money boxes that are used on vending machines provided with two sets of keys
one is for locking the box inside the machine and the other is for locking the box itself
who keeps the key that locks the box inside the vending machine
the vending machine operator
who will keep the key that secures the money box itself
the ships store officer or a designated cash collection agent
who will keep the key to the dollar bill acceptor
the designated cash collection agent
what is required for all amusement machines
a metal restraining bar device that will lock in front of the coin box
what type of lock is used to lock the metal restraing bar device in place on amusement machines
a combo padlock
what happens in the event an emergency entry has to be made into a group II space and the custodian is not aboard
the ships store office will enter the spcae accompanied by two witnesses
what is the procedure once a group II space is opened
the space will be secure with a numbered car seal. this number will be logged and initialed by the witnesses
who may eneter a group II space in the absence of both the ships store officer and the custodian
the command duty officer (CDO)
what do group IV spaces include
all service activity areas such as barber, laundry, and dry cleaning
who will keep the group IV space keys during working hours
the person in charge will sign them out in the key log and remove them from the key locker
what happens to the keys of group IV spaces after working hours
the keys will be turned over to the supply duty office who will then secure them in the general key locker
where should the ROM system be located
in an area accesible only to authorized to use the system
for security and accountabilty purposes, who is the ROM system administrator
the ships store officer
how is th information on the ROM system protected from unauthorized users
by use of IDs, passwords, and access codes
where will all persons having access to the ROM system be located
on the ROM security access rights list
how is the ROM security access rights list handled
it is placed in an opaque envelope, sealed and taped. than placed in the ships store officer safe
how often will the ships store officer review the ROM security access rights list