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Primary Care Practitioner
Usually the first contact a patient has with the medical system.
Health Maintenance Organization
Preferred Provider Organization
4 classifications of primary care.
1) General Practice
2) Family Practice
3) Internal Medicine
4) Pediatrics
General Practice
Lincensed with the state and in good standing.
Similar to family practice.
They see the whole family.
Family Practice
They provide care for the entire family. They treate all organ systems and diseases. Complicated cases may be referred to a specialist.
Medical Doctor

Alleopathic Medicine = treating with remedies that produce effects that are antagonistic to disease
Osteopathic Physician

believes medicine is an interactive relationship among a body systems balance as it relates to a patients health
Chiropractic Medicine
Deals with the SUBLAXATION of the spine
Doctor of Optomitry

Speacializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders in vision
Doctor of Opthomology
Specializes in surgical disorders of the eye
involves women during pregnancy, childbirth and recouperative care
a procedure where a needle is inserted into the sac to remove amniotic fluid for analysis for identification and diagnosis of congenital, physical and mental birth defects
Alpha-feto Protien

performed in the 15-21 week period. If blood level is too high or too low, it could indicate a problem in the fetus
OB urine test

OB blood test

anemia, keytones and Rh factor
Nagel's Rule
calculation for date of delivery
1. 1st day of LMP
2. minus 3 months
3. add 7 days
4. add 1 year
Apgar Test
5 induvidual check points on an infant upon delivery. 2 pts each. Done at 1 minute and again at 5 minutes.
deals with female reproductive health
By-Manual pelvic exam
gloved hands in a palpatating motion, looking for tenderness, masses, location of uterus/overies & inspection of external genitiles
Pap smear
samples of cells for cytology to look for CA cells
from: cervial os, cul-de-sac of Douglas, vaginal wall
Thin Prep
type of pap smear using fixodent to adhere the cervial, vaginal and endocervival cell to a slide.
Specimen Bottle
type of pap smear where cervical, vaginal and endocervical cells are placed into individual bottles for examination
Cytology Form requirements
a statement of adequecy
general catorization
discriptive diagnosis
list of abnormal findings