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Brenda has a cute boyfriend. (1)
My favorite student, Leonardo, drives a fast red car. (3)
favorite, fast, red
Ivan plays in a rock band with his electric guitar. (2)
rock, electric
Have you seen the black and white pocktetbook that Anilu has? (2)
black, white
Ami's hair is brown, long, and beautiful. (3)
brown, long, beautiful
Maria is smart, and she passed the hard biology test! (3)
smart, hard, biology
Carina has a pretty smile. (1)
Fredy always looks at the pretty girls that walk in the crowded halls. (2)
pretty, crowded
Maria's older brother is named Ricardo. (1)
Have you seen the red roses Jesus gave to his sexy girlfriend? (2)
red, sexy
On Sunday, Magdalena and Jose visit the sunny park and walk to the noisy fountain near the old building. (3)
sunny, noisy, old
Ms. Corbett's dog, a big red dog, is named Sofi. (2)
big, red
Zuleyma always laughs at the funny jokes Ms. Gonzalez tells in the afternoon class. (2)
funny, afternoon
ESL is the most exciting and challenging class I have! (2)
exciting, challenging
Let's have a fun party to celebrate our many successes. (2)
fun, many