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What is the comparative form of an adjective?
The comparative form compares two things and ends in "er" or uses the word "more" before the adjective.
Complete this irregular adj.
Little, ________, __________
Little, less, least
Which demonstrative adjectives refer to something farther away?
That and Those refer to something farther away.
Name the four demonstrative adjectives we have studied.
The demonstrative adjectives are: This, that, these and those.
Which demonstrative adjectives refer to something nearby?
This and These refer to something nearby.
What is the superlative form of an adjective?
The superlative form compares three or more things and ends in "est" or uses the word "most" before the adjective.
What is an adjective?
An adjective describes a noun or pronoun.
Complete this irregular adj.
________, better, __________
Good, better, best
Complete this irregular adj.
_________,________, worst
Bad, worse, worst
What are the adjectives in this sentence?
Emergency rooms are special places in hospitals.
The adjectives are:
Emergency, special
Complete this irregular adjective.
Much,______, ____________.
Much, more, most
Name the articles.
The articles are A, An and The.
What are the three questions that adjectives ask?
Adjectives ask:
1. What kind?
2. How many?
3. Which one?
What is a proper adjective?
A proper adjective is an adj. formed from a proper noun and begins with a capital letter.