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First-Second Declension Masculine Sing. and Pl.
us, ī, ō, um, ō
ī, ōrum, īs, ōs, īs
First Second Declension Feminine Sing. and Pl.
a, ae, ae, am, ā
ae, ārum, īs, ās, īs
First-Second Declension Neuter Sing. and Pl.
um, ī, ō, um, ō
a, ōrum, īs, a, īs
Corresponding Possessive Adjectives for ego, tū, vōs, nōs
meus, a, um
tuus, a um
vester, vestra, vestrum
noster, nostra, nostrum
Intensive Adjective ipse, masculine, sing. and pl.
ipse, ipsīus, ipsī, ipsum, ipsō
ipsī, ipsōrum, ipsīs, ipsō, ipsīs
Intensive adjective, ipsa, feminine, sing. and pl.
ipsa, ipsīus, ipsī, ipsam, ipsā
ipsae, ipsārum, ipsīs, ipsās, ipsīs
Intensive adjective, ipsum neuter, sing. and pl.
ipsum, ipsīus, ipsī, ipsum, ipsō, ipsa, ipsōrum, ipsīs, ipsa, ipsīs
Third Declension Masculine/Feminine, Sing. and Pl.
__, is, ī, em, ī
ēs, ium, ibus, ēs/īs, ibus
Third Declension Neuter, Sing. and Pl.
__, is, ī, __, ī
ia, ium, ibus, ia, ibus
Demonstrative adjectives for ille, illa, illud and iste, ista, istud
Decline the same way as ipse, ipsa, ipsum, except instead of um its ud
Nine irregular adjectives and how they are declined : alius, alia, aliud alter, altera, alterum, neuter neutra, neutrum, nūllus, a , um, sōlus, a, um tōtus, a, um ūllus, a, um ūnus, a, um, uter, utra, utrum
Just like iste, ista, istud