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What are the Three Triads of the Cosmos?
The Three Realms,
the Three Worlds, and
the Three Kindreds.
What are the Three Realms?
The Underworld, the Cauldron of Rebirth;
The Midrealm, the Cauldron of Bounty;
The Heavens, the Cauldron of Wisdom.
What are the Three Worlds?
The Sea: the Wild Waste, the Road to the Blessed Isles;
The Land: the Green Earth, Dwelling of Many Kins;
The Sky: the Unchanging Order, the Abode of the Shining Ones.
What are the Three Kindreds?
The Dead: the Ancestors who sustain the Clans;
The Nature Spirits: the Other Kins who sustain the Web of the Worlds;
The Deities: The Eldest, Wisest, and Mightiest who sustain All.
What are the Three Triads of Ritual?
The Three Gates,
the Three Tools, and
the Three Deeds.
What are the Three Gates of Ritual?
The Well: the Deep Gate, the Sustainer;
The Fire: the Bright Gate, the Transformer;
The Tree: the All-Boundary, the Connector.
What are the Three Tools of Ritual?
The Cauldron: Source of Wisdom, Love, and Power;
The Wand: the Poet’s Skill, the Wizard’s Will;
The Cloak: the Mantle of Magic, encompassing Spirit.
What are the Three Deeds of Ritual?
The Grove: Arriving, Honoring the Three Kindreds, Opening the Gates;
The Sacrifices: to Imbas; to the Three Kindreds, to the Patrons;
The Blessing: Asking, Receiving, and Thanking.
What are the Three Triads of Druidic Practice?
The First is Virtue, Piety, and Study.
The Second is the Home Shrine, Mental Training, Nature Awareness.
The Third is Ritual, Hearth Kin, and Oath.