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empty love
somebody who loves somebody else. you feel for somebody but they don't feel for you
liking love
can work with a friend.
passionate love
one night stand, no intimacy or commitment
compassion love
love for your fam, intimacy anc commitment but no passion
a long time affain
not baed on intimacy but is commitment and passion
death of love
disillusionment, hurt, anger, ambivalence, disaffection
sexual identity
awareness of ourselves as male and felale, how we express our sexuality
sexual orientation
ones preference for partners of same or opp sex
patriarchal sexual scripts
many beliefs, values, attitudes, and behariors developed to protect the male line of decent. men are to control womens sexuality
expressive sexual scripts
both men and women, not onesided
normative stage
children learn norms governing appropriate sexual behaviors
informational stage
young person l;earn about sexual atatomy and psysiology
behavior stage
persons engage in sexual activities
holistic view of sex
see sex as an extension of the whole relationship rather thatn as a purely shysical exchange