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Addition Poperty of Equality
If a=b, then a+c=b+c
Multiplication Poperty of Equality
If a=b, then ac=bc,
c can not equal 0
Cancellation Property of Addition
If a+c=b+c, then a=b
Cancellation Proberty of Multiplication
If ac=bc, then a=b
c can not equal 0
Multiplication Property of 0
0 * a = 0
Division Property of 0
0/a = 0
a can not equal 0
Division by 0 is Undefined
a/0 is undefined
Multiplication by -1
(-1)a = -a
(-1)(-a) = a
Placement of Minus Signs
(-a)(b) = -(ab) = (a)(-b)
Product of Two Opposites
(-a)(-b) = ab