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In 1790's differences divided the United States’ new government. A group led by (name) _______ _________________, whose followers supported most decisions made by the federal government, was known as the Federalists.
Alexander Hamilton
The opposition group, known as Democratic-Republicans, was led by (name) _______________ _____________ and (name) __________ ___________.
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison
The Federalists supported a strong national government that they believed would hold the states together in a firm union. In foreign policy, they supported the country’s chief trading partner, (country) ___________ ___________.
Great Britain
The Democratic-Republicans favored the interests of artisans, shopkeepers, and small farmers. They worked to increase the power and independence of _______ _____
state government
Beginning in 1798, the Federalist-controlled Congress passed four laws that stirred up a storm of debate. The new laws were aimed at stopping the growth of the Democratic - Republican Party. Three of the laws, known as the ____________ ______________ were supposedly to protect the country from aliens.
Alien Acts
In 1800 since Jefferson and Burr each received 73 votes and the voting method did not make clear who was meant to be President, the tie breaking vote now went to the ___________of ____________.
House of Representatives
This____________ Act increased the time to become a U.S. citizen from 5 to 14 years.
Adams took one last opportunity to preserve the Federalist view of the Constitution. Until his last night in office, Adams wrote out appointments for many federal judges. These appointments were called____?
midnight judges
This _________ Act made it a crime to speak or write critically about the President, members of Congress, the federal government, or federal laws
To avoid war with France President Adams sent a three-person peace commission to Paris. France sent three agents who offered a treaty with France at a price of $250,000 and a loan of $10 million dollars. The event soon became public with it later being called the _________ ___________.
XYZ Affair
A ____________ ____________ is a group of people with similar ideas and beliefs about government. The members usually agree on the way to run the government and on the policies that should be carried out
political party
France’s new leader, Napoleon Bonaparte, was at war with Britain and asked again to meet with American diplomats. Adams once again sent an American peace commission. In the ___________ of _______, France and the United States finally agreed on terms for peace.
Convention of 1800
Describe one fact that you learned about the Louisiana Territory.
Total land later became all or part of 15 states.
U.S. paid $15 million for it