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In Italian, what instruments evoke the pastoral atmosphere?
Clarinets and woodwinds
Name types of works Mendelssohn wrote.
Oeuvre - 5 symphonies(plus other 12)
Concert overtures, concertos, chamber music, lieder for piano, stage music, choral works
What does Symphony No.5 in C minor Finale express?
Emotional Romantic style
When was Symphonie Fantastique written?
What inspired the Revolutionary Study?
Russians takeover of Warsaw, 1831
Beethoven was more ___ and ____ then Classicists.
Assertive, expressive
How did Beethoven die? Where was he buried?
Cirrhosis of the liver; beside Schubert in Vienna
How is Beethoven classified?
A bridge between Classical and Romantic
Where was Beethoven born?
Bonn, Germany
How long was a typical Classical symphony?
Twenty minutes
What did Chopin do in 1831?
Settle in Paris, made money give lessons, wrote with Polish dance forms
In March to the Scaffold, what creates an atmosphere of fantasy?
Horns w/ percussion
In Revolutionary Study, the musical content of the piece reflects the ____ of its _____.
drama, subject matter
Symphony No.5 in C minor Finale includes conversational interplay between what sections?
Strings and woodwinds
What heightens dramatic moments?
Enlarged orchestration w/ percussion
Where was Rossini born? Where did he study music?
Pesaro, Italy; Bologna
In the Storm, builds up the storm?
Dynamic ranges and contrasts
The solo Symphony No.5 in C minor Finale is given to _______.
The bassoon
What is an overture?
Orchestral piece played before opera
Mendelssohn traveled through Europe as a ____ and ____.
Pianist, conductor
The Pastoral Symphony depicts _____ and _______.
Natural world, landscape
When does the triumphant fanfare appear in Symphony No.5 in C minor Finale?
After 33 seconds of modulatory material
In March to the Scaffold, what instrument plays the idée fixe?
Clarinet (solo)
What does Symphony No.5 in C minor Finale symbolize?
Struggle, heroic triumph
At young age Beethoven established himself as what?
A pianist and composer for the piano
In William Tell Overture, what do the French horn and strings do?
Create dramatic conclusion to the work
When was Symphony No.5 in C minor Finale written?
March to the Scaffold is what movement of Symphonie Fantastique?
Discuss the program of Symphonie Fantastique.
Man in love overdoses on opium, imagines he killed lover then finds her in hell
What is col legno?
Percussive effect where bow stick taps against string (in March to the Scaffold)
In The Storm, what evokes anxiety and fear?
Obscured tonal center in opening
In the Storm, what do the clarinet and flute do?
Invoke a sunny, pastoral moment
Who composed Symphony No.5 in C minor Finale?
Mendelssohn has distaste for innovations of whom?
Wagner, Berlioz; he preferred more pleasant sounding works
Symphony No.5 in C minor Finale is ___ and ___? This is indicated by what key change?
Powerful, triumphant; C minor to C major
Who wrote the first complete program symphony?
Hector Berlioz
Expanded dynamic ranges in Symphony No.5 in C minor Finale do what?
Build and release tension
What is an idée fixe? Who developed it?
Recurring theme; Berlioz
What is Eroica? How long was it? To whom was it dedicated?
Beethoven 3rd Symphony; 45 minutes;
Napoleon until he declared himself emperor
Where was Chopin born?
Warsaw, Poland
Name three European cultural centers.
Vienna, Berlin, Paris
The Storm is from the __ movement of Pastoral Symphony.
What part of the program is occurring in March to the Scaffold?
Man killed lover and being marched to gallows, beheaded
What is Mendelssohn often called?
Classical Romantic
When was the Revolutionary Study written? To whom was it dedicated?
1831; Franz Liszt
Hector Berlioz is a leading representative of____?
Romanticism in French music
What does Italian reflect?
Fascination with Italy, clear skies, warmth
Exoticism - Saltarello dance rhythm
Regional flavor - pizzicato
What type of chord depicts the dark, dramatic nature of the storm?
Diminished 7th chord
What is conversation is between whom?
Woodwinds/ strings, tympani